A POTATUS #Truism - Pudding Brains of a Feather Flock Together

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It's long been noted that human beings tend to gather in groups they identify with, often moving seamlessly between the circles, sometimes conflicted about doing so. While we homo sapiens may all basically be biologically identical inside, having been dropped from the same mold, once we are plopped upon the earth to congregate with others, bonds of all sorts form.


There are the obvious racial and ethnic ones - skin hues, geographical isolation resulting in developing one's own culture, which could be national and/or religious, etc. The ties that bind members of the same sexes together. Say, like, shared experiences of childbirth for women. Then there's the earthy, juvenile, and impenetrable world of the masculine mind with their rituals of (as we have always called it) scummy male bonding. The burps, fart jokes, and smack talk that start the second three or more gather, and their universal love of pew pews pews.


God bless them. Our diversity makes us stronger.

Where diversity is lost in these natural affinities for other humans is when like minds come together. In many cases, it's a net positive - good things result from happy people who speak the same intellectual language. Where it starts to become harmful is when the like minds become a collective hive that then takes over to the exclusion of opposing viewpoints or fresh ideas. Witness Harvard, for one extreme example. All that malevolent intellectual power concentrated in one place, feeding on itself, with nothing and no one to shake them out of their complacency until the outside world explodes in on them.

Where the Ivy League attracts 900-pound brain progressive ideologues, the White House seems to have attracted the ideologically pure but intellectual dim bulbs. How did this happen? Is this the result of having a dementia-riddled, geriatric pudding head installed as president?


Whatever the cause for this gathering of lesser giants, the effect has been horrific for the country and the world. From bumbling Blinken to malicious Mayorkas, ghastly Granholm to pitiful Pete, and the frickin' parade of dress-wearing, luggage-stealing criminal clowns in between, never can I remember such a rock solid collection of ne'er do wells assembled in one mis-administration.

It's a freak show.

The head freak was on display freaking out last night for all the world to see, which was...wow. Nothing I hadn't said something about before, but still...wow

The upside was that the major networks couldn't hide him this time. 

Me? I was so appalled, unlike the meanie, pouncing conservatives I work with here, I tried to find a positive spin on all this. I think I did pretty well.

At least I was a lot more positive than Paul Begala. I will admit I laughed.


Oh, yeah - laughing my head off, last night and this morning, reading all the panic and the cope, and then the CYA.


We all knew what we had sitting in the Oval Office. Last night, THEY were forced to admit what they had in the Oval Office and then, inexplicably, trotted him out for a live demonstration just so there weren't any lingering doubts about a vegetable-in-chief.

The problem is that Biden is the Mr. POTATUS Head in an administration field full of tubers.

Like last night wasn't bad enough? They wonder why there's a "disconnect" between the White House and Americans on the economy?

Ladies and germs, may I present the potato gnocchi that is your Treasury Secretary?

She's got a firm handle on things, no worries. You only think stuff's expensive.


I guess the upside is at least she doesn't shout, call anyone "Jack" or offer to show you the hair on her legs (Although I can't vouch for what she told that guy in Africa, as she'd do damn near anything to unload a solar panel.).

Pudding-brained potatoes of a feather flock together, their wings beating a constant drum rhythm of mendacious mediocrity.

We're so boned.

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