If POTATUS Makes It to Election Night, It'll Be a Miracle

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All I can say is, HO-LEE-SMOKES.

I'm sorry - this is terrifying - I don't care if you love or hate the sumbitch. This is rumored to be the leader of the free world, and he is flat-out incoherent.


Dear God.

First, while I want to pop DOCTOR Jill Biden and her massive ego right in the chops for aiding and abetting this abominable charade from the get-go, the fools ultimately responsible are those who voted for this puppet. Avoiding mean tweets (whatever), they could cast a ballot despite the fact Biden's deterioration was well underway even when he was basement dwelling to avoid scrutiny during the campaign? 

As much as I personally despise this decrepit charlatan, I love my country a thousand times more. The United States cannot have a derelict corpse for a figurehead, yet here we are.

This tremendously disturbing performance happens just, as Jazz noted this morning, Biden's own problems with classified documents look to be taking on a life of their own.

...In the nearly 13 months that followed we heard virtually nothing about this investigation, leading me to believe that the entire thing had simply been swept under the rug in typical Biden Inc. fashion. Imagine my surprise when an item popped up in the New York Post this week claiming that Hur's report on the results of the investigation was complete and that a report would be issued, possibly as soon as this week. Depending on what he found (a very big question) this could lead to a serious political black eye for Biden just as the presidential election season is heating up. This reportedly has Biden's reelection team "worried" about the possible exposure of "embarrassing details." So will anything come of this?


I had noticed the blurb on that myself when an Axios piece broke...

...and one of our regulars answered me with the obvious.

I'm not sure what pressure he's being subjected to because he sure spends most of his time out of the loop. But what little still remains in his protected bubble must be taking a toll. It's as if he's now degrading in real time. 

With every next moment in front of a microphone, we can watch the consciousness chunks crumbling off even faster.

We're supposed to believe it's all fine even as he communes with the dead...

...and politely ignore the angry old man waving a stick at the clouds...

...while leaving his incompetent and malevolent handlers to destroy the country. 


"Is the Biden administration asking us...?" The border, freedom, every civil right we cherish - they're out to destroy it as we know it.

Maybe even the world

National security adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday did not rule out strikes inside Iran after the U.S. launched airstrikes Friday targeting Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for the killing of three American soldiers.

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sullivan was asked by moderator Kristen Welker about whether the U.S. has ruled out strikes inside Iran.

...When Welker asked one more time, “So you’re not ruling it out?” Sullivan said, “I’ll just say the same thing one more time.”

“I’m not going to get into what’s on the table and off the table when it comes to the American response,” he continued.

It sure looks as if they're trying and I guess they think we haven't kept track or something.

The face of all the madness, racial division, unfettered state surveillance, and routine censorship is a doddering, dementia-ridden, venomous, geriatric grifter who is at the stage where he can't even string a sentence together. Or hobble off a stage without both watching his feet and for directions while the entire world watches every step, every fumble, hears every slur and mumble.

No matter how the friendly MSM Praetorian Guard tries to whitewash it, the President of the United States can't even follow directions to poke a straw through a plastic lid.


...Biden also popped into a local bubble tea shop, ordering an “original boba milk tea,” which he struggled with: “The cashier had demonstrated to POTUS with hand gestures how to puncture the cup’s plastic top cover with the straw,” Nehamas recounts.

Watching today's video, wow. It makes you wonder how long before the campaign takes the old man completely underground, for all their talk of resurrecting Dark Brandon.

Brandon might still be buried in Biden's brain housing group somewhere, and it's definitely dark.

The lights are out.

God help us in the meantime.

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