#Bidenomics Update: Gloomiest Jobs Data for January in Decades

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How ’bout that Miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue?

…To hear it from the president’s current and former advisers, Bidenomics amounts to little short of an economic revolution for America.⁠


To hear it from everyone else…and I do mean ‘everyone’ including progressives who work for Soros orgs and the Governor of Georgia President of United Earth Stacey Abrams?

This economy is kinda sucky.

And try as hard as Biden’s media Praetorian Guard might, they can’t find anyone to help them out with a solid soundbite affirming #Bidenomics has helped them with a single thing.

That poor CBS anchor talked to everyone who’d stop, and nobody would give him a positive sound bite, although some of the comebacks he did get were keepers.

…In one interview, Dokoupil spoke to a local woman and tried to reassure her of the fact that the government had brought the inflation rate down.

The woman laughed at the host and shook her head, replying, “I don’t know what pocketbook they’re looking at, but it ain’t mine.”

Then the White House whizz kids act as if the common folk, besides knowing exactly what they paid at the pump and grocery store this year compared to three years ago, would never in their lives give a thought to the endless reams of economic data the government itself puts out. It constantly surprises and depresses them when they find that we do.


For instance, the average person in America generally has a little something tied up in stocks, be it their retirement, their 401K, they dabble on the side, whatever – so many folks are aware in some capacity of what is happening Wall Street-wise. The White House whizzes might just be shocked at how informed their normal neighbor might turn out to be about trading. At how that person understands that an earnings season like this is not a sign of a robust economy no matter how much smoke the WH blows in available orifices.

Our over-educated WH pudding-brain trust would also be surprised at how cognizant we are, paying attention to the number of lay-off announcements, and even noticing what proportion of the reported “jobs created” were government in origin. It is truly unfortunate for them that we’re smart enough to realize government employment is not a net positive for a country who has been plunged into so much debt.

This is also where the “disconnect” they moan about comes from. We’re watching the figures, even as they revise them quietly months later. We see what you did there, every single time.


Then you have headlines like this:

January hiring was the lowest for the month on record as layoffs surged

Hey, WH and Biden campaign! You all may not read the numbers, but we do. There’s not a damn thing here that goes with the economic ‘revolution’ line you’re so desperate to sell.

Companies announced the highest level of job cuts in January since early 2023, a potential trouble spot for a labor market that will be in sharp focus this year, according to a report Thursday from Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

The job outplacement firm said planned layoffs totaled 82,307 for the month, a jump of 136% from December though still down 20% from the same period a year ago.

It was the second-highest layoff total and the lowest planned hiring level for the month of January in data going back to 2009.

…The report follows news Wednesday from ADP that private payrolls increased by just 107,000 for the month. On Friday, the Labor Department will be releasing its nonfarm payrolls count, which is expected to show growth of 185,000.


Rattle rattle…

Zoom came out this afternoon, and I wrote about UPS last evening.

Biden and his miserable toadies have caused an economic revolution, alright.

It’s just not the one they think they have.

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