'Take My Sanctuary City...PLEASE!'

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Things must be getting kinda dicey in the Windy City. Left and right, people are begging the federal government and their president to take all these illegals off their hands. It’s gotten so bad, one Democrat is even asking the powers that be to take the “Sanctuary City” bit off the “Welcome to Chicago” sign.


Gee. Why on earth would she want to do that? It sounds like Chicago is a warm, welcoming, open-arms sort of city. Just the kind of place every illegal who ever dreamed of an apple pie at McDonald’s would want to head for. I mean, here it is in their own words and straight from the mayor’s office:

Screencap Chicago Mayor’s FAQs


That’s pretty cut and dry. Come on in!

While the Sanctuary City welcome party for illegals might be harried and still in progress for Mayor Brandon Johnson, and other hardcore ChiTown machine Dems, it is long over with for the citizens of this formerly fair city. Residents like long time Democrat and government employee Cata Truss who, along with her neighbors, are so fed up with illegals taking over their neighborhood facilities, and being handed benefits citizens cannot receive, that they’ve banded together to file a lawsuit against the city.

A Chicago Democrat is calling for the city’s sanctuary status to be removed as the migrant crisis continues to squeeze community resources.

Government employee Cata Truss told “Fox News @ Night” Democrat voters like her are growing increasingly frustrated with the party’s handling of the issue.

“There is no moneys to take care of the migrants, nor is there moneys to take care of the people that are there. And so we have a mess on our hands,” Truss said Wednesday.

Truss argued Windy City residents are upset over low income communities and schools being “divested in” while funds are used for the care of migrants instead.


Lifelong Democrats are suing the city, which did eventually back down on taking the local park rec center for a migrant shelter…for the moment.

Ms. Truss has been everywhere asking for help and trying to get some response from the city about the problems being foisted onto neighborhoods who were already in rough shape themselves. It seems like she’s good and tired of getting blown off by the entrenched bureaucracy.

…”If you are all not willing to sit down with us, if you’re not willing to talk to us, why should we continue to support you?” she said. “A lot of us [Democrats] are jumping ship.”

But the response from their mayorHO-LEE-SMOKES. If an elected official had had the unmitigated gall to say something like that in our small town? He’d be ridden out on a rail 2 hours later.

Get a load of Mayor “I Am a God” Johnson.

…Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson defended his handling of the crisis, Wednesday.

“I know folks may question my style, but don’t question my leadership,” the Democrat said.

NBC News calls the building anger in the communities, “A flashing red light for Dems.”


“…We will not continue to be disrespected by the Democratic party…”

You’d think someone might want to pick up on the warning signs…you’d think.

Considering Mayor Johnson’s holier-than-thou attitude, I don’t think anyone’s listening. You can lay money on the the White House having deaf ears and being dumb (they don’t play dumb – they are). And it was only a month ago that the Chicago City Council blew off a citizen request to have the fate of the “Sanctuary City” appellation put to a ballot test, so they seem perfectly happy with the current state of affairs. No doubt because their community parks and rec centers are safe from illegal contamination.

The City Council on Thursday voted against the latest effort to ask voters in March if Chicago should remain a sanctuary city for immigrants, the latest volley in a heated debate over the city’s handling of the ongoing migrant crisis.

At a special City Council meeting, aldermen voted 31-16 to block any debate or vote on a proposal to place a non-binding referendum for the March primary ballot, asking voters, “Should the City of Chicago continue to keep its designation as a Sanctuary City?”

Alds. Anthony Beale (9th) and Raymond Lopez (15th) have tried and failed multiple times to get that measure on the ballot, only to be blocked by Mayor Brandon Johnson’s allies on City Council.

Faced with another defeat, Beale told opponents of the proposed referendum, “I figured you all had something up your sleeve, but let me just say that it is a shame.”

“It is a shame that you all are scared. What are you scared of to let the people have a voice? What are you scared of? The truth? Are we scared of the truth here? Are we afraid that the people are going to tell us that we are spending money frivolously in this body? Are we afraid that the people are going to tell us that we are headed in the wrong direction?” Beale said. “Why are we afraid to let the people speak?”


If I were local Dems, maybe even national ones, I’d be worried about Ms. Truss, though. The woman’s been everywhere and she is not afraid to get their message out any place that will let her pass it on. She’s been on at least 3 different Fox shows that I’ve seen so far, and has obviously rattled MSNBC with what she has to say. It’s flat-out an anti-Dem party message from a voice carrying some blue authority and that could well carry some weight in a year when the blue side is quaking about participation already.

If she and her neighbors just stay home – not that they’d ever vote Republican, I don’t know if they could break those generational bonds. But if they are so disgusted a fair number of them simply stay home, in spite of exhortations and buses to the polls from church?

Woof. Wave good-bye, Biden.

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