The Global Warming Outside is Frightful: UK Edition

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It sure is a lucky thing King Charles and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are lounging by a pool in Dubai for COP28. You know – expending their carbon footprint and all of ours for the next 300 years just to rattle on about saving the world, eat really good chows, drink to excess, and argue over whether they should give old statues back to the Greeks.


You know what shipping costs are like these days and think of the carbon – keep them.

Anyway, it’s in the mid-80s there in the United Arab Emirates – pretty balmy. Not quite the boiling we’ve been promised, but close enough for the serious work of making all our lives a complete misery.

Speaking of misery because of global warming, jolly olde England is having round of it right about now. The boys got out just in time.

It’s pretty damn brisk, and not only that – it’s snowing like a mofo, too. Bundle up, kids!

Heavy snow and ice across the UK have forced some schools to close for safety concerns.

A number of schools have confirmed that they will remain closed on Friday, whilst others are set to either open late or close early due to the poor weather.

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice is currently in place for parts of the UK.

The Met Office’s warning covers the entire coast of Britain, as temperatures are set to fall as low as a teeth-chattering -10C.


A “yellow” snow warning? Must mean something different there.

Here, the color is enough.

Anyways, for those who don’t want to do the metric math but are curious, I can confirm it is COLD, as in “dangerous to human life, limbs, and furry friends” cold.

Screenshot Google

With a gentle 10 mph wind, that brings the wind chill down to 1.7°F or -17°C.

It’s the earliest snow in England in 15 years. None of the usual suspects seem very excited about it, though. Probably all breathlessly watching live feeds from Dubai and completely ignoring this unfortunate event.

The folks who are excited, but for a different reason, are the people who have to keep things like the lights and the heat on. Because remember – this is a renewable haven, where the British and Scottish governments have been busy shoving wind and solar farms, EVs and heat pumps down everyone’s throats.

How’s that going with snow, ice, and…oh, the temperature hovering around freezing with a predicted dip to 15°, and a week’s forecast of daily highs in the teens to look forward to?

The answer would be “About what a renewable skeptic would expect.”

Oh, gosh – how does this keep happening?

Well…yikes. Surely there’s a back-up. There’s always a bac…oh.


Britain’s gas network has already hit full capacity as renewable energy fails to generate the power needed to heat the UK’s homes.
Freezing temperatures mean energy demands have soared in recent days, but low winds mean output at wind farms has plunged, according to data from National Gas and National Grid, making the UK reliant on gas for up to two-thirds of its electricity this weekend.

However, Jon Butterworth, chief executive of National Gas, said demand from gas-fired power stations would be “maxed out” from today through much of the weekend.
He said the weather event should be a reminder of the importance of fossil fuels as to global policymakers attend the @COP28_UA climate summit in Dubai.

Poor Mr. Butterworth is preaching to the choir shivering in their homes, but it falls on deaf ears in Dubai.

…Mr Butterworth said: “It’s really important they recognise that although we’ve got to decarbonize, energy security is also vital. And when you’re in a world of interruptible renewable energy, our security is massively important.

The more we build up our reliance on wind and solar power, which can be disrupted by the weather, the worse the risk becomes.

British winters are renowned for having lengthy periods of intense cold and low winds, caused when zones of atmospheric high pressure settle over the country. The phenomenon is known as “Dunkelflaute” in Germany but is more commonly referred to by meteorologists as anticyclonic gloom.

National Grid ESO, the grid operator, said households would be paid to turn down their energy usage on Friday for the second time this week between 4.30pm and 6pm as part of efforts to preserve power.

ESO was also preparing to import electricity from other European countries, to be delivered by the half-dozen interconnector cables between the UK and the Continent.

Britain’s growing reliance on renewables means power supplies are increasingly impacted by the weather. In the first half of 2023 a combination of low winds and increased cloud cover dampened output from turbines and solar farms, while UK power generation was also hit by outages across an ageing fleet of nuclear power stations.

It meant the UK had to buy record amounts of electricity from Europe, generating import bills of £2bn, government figures revealed.


If you read that last quote section, the solution is right there and it’s so obvious – also the cause of their current predicament to begin with. They have completely stripped themselves of any way to generate enough reliable power to maintain their country’s needs in the name of the climate cult.

That is the very definition of insanity as well as the complete abrogation of their responsibility for the safety, welfare, and security of their citizens.

And I do hold the people of the UK responsible for a good part of their own wretched state. They’ve got the proof in their frozen front yards and their spinning electric meters of the futility of this course of action, and yet a party that is rabidly anti-fossil fuels looks as if it’s going to win the next election?


In the meantime, climate cult devotees from around the world are warm and happy, even as they scare each other to death trying to scare us for the cameras.


England will dig out eventually.

Out of the snow, anyway.

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