The real problem is Elon letting people see what Hamas videotaped themselves doing

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If you thought that the greatest sin committed this weekend was when Palestinian assassins of every stripe walked, drove, and glided into Israel for murder, mayhem, kidnapping, and rape, you’d be wrong.


If you thought watching blissful rave dancers in the gloaming, exuberantly living life and then noticed the ominous…what, like birds? Dark shapes drifting and shifting, coming ever closer, but still out of focus in the sky beyond them.

At last realizing those were Palestinian motorized paragliders with a mass murderer a piece aboard.

Hamas death riders in the sky, like a redone “Red Dawn“…

…but deadly real.

In hindsight knowing now what they are, you might feel this is one of the most ghastly things you’d ever seen.

You’d be wrong.

When even a hardened, reflexive anti-MAGA, anti-rightwing, anti-conservative critic like Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL is heartsick. Shaken and angered to his very soul by what has happened – the enormity of the horror – and furious at what he is hearing…


…While I’m an sad and trying to cope, I’ll be honest. I’m angry. I’m angry with the world that allowed the dehumanization of the Israelis and sanitized the terrorism of Hamas. I must say, I love this show, and I love this network, but I have to ask, who is writing the scripts? The people who did this – they are not fighters, Jonathan. They are not militants. And I’m looking right at the camera.


…you would think that might be the worst. And, again, you’d be wrong.

The same media that Greenblatt so recently embraced, so willingly was a part of until Saturday morning’s violent reality check slap-in-the-face – in point of fact, at that very network – is here to tell us all what the real danger is.

What the worst of the worst, what the most offensive and abhorrent aspect of this whole situation is turning out to be.

That Elon Musk’s “X” is allowing Hamas to unmask themselves in public for the first time.

X, formerly Twitter, amplifies disinformation amid the Israel-Hamas conflict

From the outset of this weekend’s Israel-Hamas conflict, graphic footage of abductions and military operations have spread like wildfire on social media platforms, including X, formerly known as Twitter. But disinformation on the platform has made it harder for users to assess what’s going on in the region.

…Users have noticed the impact of the changes to X’s content moderation, and some have fallen prey to sharing disinformation on the platform.

“It’s remarkable how Elon Musk has destroyed what was perhaps the best thing about Twitter: the ability to get relatively accurate and trustworthy data in real time when there’s a crisis,” Paul Bernal, an IT law professor at the University of East Anglia in England, wrote on X on Monday.

..Some Hamas-created propaganda videos have also been circulating on X. While the terrorist organization is banned from most social media platforms, including X, it continues to share videos on Telegram. Those videos — including some from the most recent assault on Israel — are often reshared onto X, Goldenberg told CNBC. And that can have real-world effects.

“As we’ve seen in the past, especially in May of 2021, for example, when tensions rise in the region, there’s a high possibility of a rise in hate crimes targeting the Jewish community outside of the region,” Goldenberg said.


Oh, yeah- they get the fellow who worries about Jewish folks to burble a few cautionary words, but they make sure to whine about Hamas videos “including some from…the most recent assault” being seen.

They should be hidden from view at all times, and why?

Because Hamas made them in real time.

Hamas operatives made the videos of the wholesale, wanton slaughter. Hamas made and distributed the videos of kidnapped babies in cages, of dragging screaming women off, stripping and defiling a girl’s corpse in a truck before trawling it through the streets. Hamas made the videos abusing a young boy and laughing, of terrorizing a captured geriatric, crippled, reported Holocaust survivor.

Yeah. God FORBID we see these MONSTERS for who they actually are and in their own words as they gleefully execute their own atrocities on a massive scale.

NBC, MSNBC and their ilk have no problem showing us Israel and every last one of their supposed warts.

Why is that?

Could the “truth” be different?

And how would we know if they are the arbiters of what is approved information.


Check out the sympathetic spin the media puts on Hamas. Anything for public consumption to further the narrative – the anti-Israel narrative – is never “disinformation.”

In this instance, they’re reporting on “pain” instead of flagrant “hatred of Jews.”

“Pain” sounds so much better.

Darn it. People would have probably swallowed the whole “Those Jews were asking for it” line IF ONLY THEY HADN’T BEEN ABLE TO SEE WHAT HAMAS ACTUALLY DID.

As they videotaped themselves doing it.

That’s why X and Elon are so dangerous and the worst.

They allow these Stone Age barbarians to prove the lie themselves, to blow up their own narrative, and for people to begin to understand the feral nature of the terrorists’ bloodlust in spite of the decades of combined corrosive…


…collusive cover MSM…

…Democrats, the U.N…

…Obama and now Biden administrations have been laying over the butcherous bastards in Gaza and beyond.

There are over 1000 dead in Israel as of this moment. OVER 1000 slaughtered souls.

And NBC wants to protect our eyes from “disinformation.”


They tell you who they are, you can believe the evidence they themselves have for you, and that is why you are not allowed to see it.

Know them.

And destroy them.

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