Odd doings afoot in the German energy sector

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Things are getting really interesting in Deutschland on the energy front as winter rapidly approaches.

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One of my favorite Bond villains – German Vice-Chancellor and Green party guru Robert Habeck – who also happens to be one of the chief architects/enforcers of his country’s insane forced march to NetZero, may have been caught cooking the carbon books in his fevered rush to shut down Germany’s 3 remaining, fully operational nuclear plants.


If you’ll remember, in spite of renewables not meeting either benchmark generation promises or cost savings for everyday Germans, Chancellor Olaf Schotz’s government, at the full-throated urging of Habeck’s ruling party, shut down the only reliable – and cheap – energy sources the country had left in April. A tweet I’d included in my post on it seems strangely prescient to the current revelations.

Part of the Green/Habeck justification for plowing ahead was “dirty” and dangerous nuclear power had to give way to renewables, even though everyone else’s numbers and statistics told the exact opposite story.

Fast forward to now, and it looks as if the German government has been hiding the fact that their data confirmed everyone else’s. But they never released it to the public to justify the shutdowns, and when push came to shove that they had to?

The paragraph with the offending data went POOF.

That sounds familiar.

German Government Caught Hiding Assessment That Keeping Nuclear Plants Open Would Sharply Reduce CO2 Emissions

The news magazine Cicero has been locked in litigation with Robert Habeck’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, seeking the release of documents that might shed light on the April shut-down of the final operating nuclear power plants in Germany. Ministry officials have refused to cooperate, but yesterday a court in Berlin finally ordered them to hand over whatever they could find.

Now that they have done so, their reasons for obstruction have become a little bit clearer.

Some recent history: On March 7th 2022, the Ministry published a ‘Review of the Continued Operation of Nuclear Power Plants Due to the Ukraine War‘, which made the case for completing Merkel’s nuclear phase-out and shutting down the plants despite the impending energy crisis. This review concludes with a brief “assessment” of the implications for “energy and climate policy”. If you read carefully, you’ll notice a strange thing: the two paragraphs which follow this heading abound with remarks on energy production, but say basically nothing about climate or emissions.

The documents Habeck’s Ministry have released since the court order reveal why. BILD has seen an earlier draft of this review, and notes that there was a originally a third paragraph at the very end, which Ministry officials deleted before publication.


Keeping the nuclear plants open would have reduced Germany’s carbon emissions by 2530M tons, which, once advocates did the math, is an over four and a half times greater CO2 reduction than the most optimistic estimate of Habeck’s insane and ruinously expensive Building Energy Ordinances – heat pumps, insulation, retrofits, etc – by 2030.


…Furthermore, since the nuclear phase-out, Germany has become a net electricity importer: 17.69% of its imported electricity is generated by foreign nuclear plants, mostly in France.

A brilliant plan. And I’m sure the French are delighted with the additional income.

However, as the TV infomercials say, “But WAIT! There’s MORE!

In chaos there is profit, and there is chaos in Germany’s energy sector at the moment. With the hypocrisy rampant all through the Green cult, the Scholz government shut down viable nukes only to go all in on?

Coal. Lignite coal burning electrical plants.

A firm called RWE comes into the picture. Who are they?

German multinational energy company headquartered in Essen. It generates and trades electricity in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the United States. The company is the world’s second-largest offshore wind power generation and Europe’s third-largest company in renewable energy.


They also own the nuclear plants AND?

Lignite coal mines. The same mines that the German government has just blown the lid off of for production – Katy bar the door.

The third piece of the puzzle is the German people, who have been getting more and more vocal that they want nothing to do with any more “dirty” coal – that’s what renewables were supposed to phase out, right? They’re tired of insane electricity prices, they want the heat and lights on when they want them on, and who were the damn idiots who shut down perfectly fine reactors to begin with?

Rumors are bubbling up to people in the business that RWE has already made a move to protect its nascent goldmine in the coal shaft.

Still waiting on government approval to begin dismantling the reactors, RWE has spiked the rods in one of them, just in case anyone had any plans to fire those bad boys back up.

The French firm that manufactures replacement parts is saying at least two and a half years before they can get them done.

…Management of German coal utility RWE is pushing the limits of national laws against premature dismantling, in order to make their world-class Emsland reactor as hard to restart as possible, sources say.

Until decommissioning permission is granted, reactors MUST NOT be irreversibly damaged, and damage must be reversible in 12 months or less.

But my sources report that RWE teams have now cut the control rods at Emsland, as it was deemed a repair that could be made in a year if parts were available.

So what’s the problem? Well, leading nuclear part supplier Framatome, owned by the French state, has indicated privately that it would now take “2 to 2.5 years” to remanufacture these parts.

2 years is longer than 12 months. Even German energy ministers can do this math.


Slick, no?

…RWE claims to be fully committed to renewables and hydrogen, but they’re investing money to significantly expand an immense lignite (“brown”) coal mine, even tearing down a wind farm to do so!

By destroying their nuclear plant as fast (or faster?) than the law allows, RWE helps lock in its big lignite coal investments ahead of a possible reversal in German nuclear policy.

So the big Green renewable firm is all in on dirty tricks and filthy money?

If this completely pans out to be true, watching for penalties will be interesting, as they are cheek by jowl with the very highest levels of the Green party and Scholz government. You have to imagine there’s significant private investments among the parties, if you get my drift.

What’s perfectly clear is that none of them give a rip about German citizens, and that sacred Gaia herself is secondary to the almighty euro when push comes to shove.

They’re all frauds.

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