POTATUS: When even the press pool acknowledges we have a "Vegetable in Chief"

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Ah, what a difference 81M votes make.

Obvious as it was during the legendary basement campaign that Joe Biden’s already less than stellar mental faculties were rapidly on the road to Mushville, personal antipathy towards the sitting president overrode any concern about pulling the lever for a subpar senior brain in the throes of serious decline.


I mean, you could watch the grey matter evaporating in real time in his few scripted appearances.

If only a few of those college-educated white nose-out-of-joint chicas had sat on their hands or never Trumpers had NOT sat on their hands or IF IF IF. We wouldn’t be in nearly the hellscape we are now.

Oh, well.

As our Ebola will mournfully intone from time to time, “It is what it is,” and what it is is painful. And embarrassing. And dangerous.

And infuriating that the press – who’ve acted as the Praetorian Guard around this travesty – suddenly feels free to…just report on it. As if they had been this entire time. Casually toss in the observations that you know damn well should have been in these from the moment these agents of the state descended the basement stairwell, the campaign bus steps, or the moment Biden ascended the throne…but they wouldn’t dare.

That snippet is from yesterday’s official travel pool report on Biden’s remarks.

Screencap WH Travel Pool

Merely MSNBC host and Politico’s White House Bureau Chief Jonathan Lemire’s off-the-cuff pool notes, after filing this report on Biden’s UN speech. This report contained nothing about Biden’s argle-bargle during the address.


…as argle-bargle it was when he wasn’t shouting or “Let me be clear”-ing.

Or completely humiliating himself and this country in front of the world and the less-than-friendly neighbors.

Honest to God – I picked apart some of the Spanish myself, and, oy. The Google translation of the tweet accompanying this video of an absolutely mortifying scene is so cringe-inducing, you want to scream in frustration.


The progressive President Biden is humiliated at the UN by the socialist and declared enemy of the US, Lula da Silva: “You can hear me, Mr. Biden.”

Putting a senile person in charge of the world’s greatest power has made the world a more dangerous place.

It is a far more dangerous place now than any time I can remember since we were worrying about Khrushchev. And it has been made that way – it didn’t “happen.” The weakness, incompetence, and venal malevolence Biden projects is destroying our nation and quite literally emboldening and empowering the dark forces that our light – yes, dammit, our BRIGHT, SHINING AMERICAN LIGHT – has kept at bay for so long.

Everyone in the world sees it.

His tenuous grasp on the real world has left us vulnerable to enemies both foreign and domestic. At least with foreign bad actors we have an idea who to watch, but here at home? Who is running the show behind those doors at the White House or fomenting chaos from some office buried at State, Defense, or Justice? WHO?!


We don’t know. While we can only guess at names, our only certainty is that it’s not the guy struggling at the podium. Not the corpse-like figure climbing carefully down the four steps of Marine One who stomps stiff-legged across the White House lawn, then still has to be guided to a mansion door to get in every single time.

He’s clueless. He’s not blameless, but he’s clueless.

God almighty.

I know, I know.


How I wish it wasn’t.

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