All your country are belong to blue

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A Twitter friend of mine retweeted an extraordinary graph this afternoon, and, cripes.


Man – was it depressing when I blew it up to read it.

Ever the sunny optimist that I am, I thought it was one of those “circle of friends” things that were all the rage last year. Little did I realize it was more an encirclement of suffocating and controlling ideologies, with their adherents and their enforcers.

Screencap @balajis

After writing two posts already today on the state of our enfeebled president and a state legislature hanging in the balance, this confirmed everything I’d written about the progressive influences and pressures at work, both in view and behind the curtain.

Solid blue Department of Defense and deeper blue techies, the Army is a neutral gray, all the major banks blue, communications giants blue, as are all your major medical systems, accounting firms, insurance companies and, unsurprisingly, schools of all sizes.

And no wonder that ilk hates Marines and the NYPD so much. I was pretty proud of those two, lonely little circles still bobbing bright red in a deep blue sea with a few foamy grey waves.


The fellow who put together the thread did it as a warning for Republicans. It’s a stark representation of the reality conservatives are facing as we try to claw back our country from the grips of the people who are destroying her and everything she stands for in real time – as we watch. Not only do they control the media, academia, many of the statehouses, most of the bureaucracy (regardless of who the elected officials are), they control the money as well.

Screencap @balajis

They’re who’ll demonetize a gun shop or small conservative podcaster in a heart beat, but blithely cheerlead this sort of insanity on.

While I don’t agree with everything the OP says – a selection below – what he says are words that need to be heeded, his information duly noted, and utilized. Maybe visited from a different aspect, with a different vision, should we be able to prevail next November sans a civil war.

The greatest strength comes from understanding your own weakness.

The graphs above suggest that Republicans will find it incredibly difficult to win a national battle for control of the US in 2024. Because it’s not just about the elections, it’s about the institutions.

Moreover, even if a Republican *could* recapture the presidency, they’d be stuck with the flaming bag of dog poop that is DC’s financial position — $33T+ of debt and counting[1]. And you actually don’t want to be at the helm when this thing crashes.[2]

So, if Republicans were smart, they’d understand what areas they’re strong on, and focus there, rather than putting all their hopes on Hail Mary passes for national control.

What are those areas?

1) State governments, esp FL and TX
2) The Supreme Court, for now
3) Twitter/X, because they can speak freely
4) Bitcoin, because it’s stronger than the Fed
5) Exit, because it’s still legal to move

So, let’s suppose you’re a Republican truly committed to the long-term turnaround of America, and you understand how bad the financial situation is…


A crash of epic proportion is coming – there are so many vulnerable fronts. Federal spending is leading the way. As John and I’ve pointed out many times, commercial real estate is trotting right behind

Commercial real estate prices could plummet as much as 40% from their peak in a worse crash than the 2008 financial crisis, according to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s chief investment officer.

The grave outlook is based on a raft of headwinds buffeting the commercial real estate sector, including the work-from-home trend and higher interest rates making it harder for investors to refinance a mountain of looming debt.

“MS & Co. analysts forecast a peak-to-trough CRE price decline of as much as 40%, worse than in the Great Financial Crisis,” Lisa Shalett said in the weekly Global Investment Committee note.

“More than 50% of the $2.9 trillion in commercial mortgages will need to be renegotiated in the next 24 months when new lending rates are likely to be up by 350 to 450 basis points,” she added.

… while mortgage rates are almost at 8% and car loans about to top 10%. All this as the UAW is demanding astronomical wage increases for less work in an industry that is in big trouble.

We’re facing a self-induced energy crisis across multiple tiers of states and a looming fuel shortage, again because of ideology, not necessity.

On the upside, the people in the blue don’t seem to produce anything, do they? For example, the Department of Agriculture is blue, but I don’t see farmers there. I just see baristas, bureaucrats, and service industry types.


Maybe we should focus on those strengths.

Information is power, and the OP is right – start at the local level and storm the castle from there.

But it doesn’t mean we roll over and buy BitCoin in Boca until the storm passes.

That’s givng them the high ground without a fight and they need to know we’ll fight tooth and nail every inch of the way.

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