ERCOT alert: Everything's big in Texas includes today's electricity price spikes [UPDATED]

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Nothing like piling on, you lucky daggum Texas renewable reliant types. Not only is it H-O-T (aka “summer in TEXAS“), your state has sold its soul to the renewables cult, so when summer strikes as it sometimes does, you get warnings like this one an hour ago:


Texans asked to reduce energy use again as ongoing heat wave strains power grid

“On-going heat wave” in TX in the summer?

Whoda thunk?

Insult to conserve energy injury, this is the fourth “turn that thermostat up” warning this summer.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, warned of “high potential” to go into emergency operations. The first step would involve bringing all available power generation online, including unused reserves. The worst-case would be to implement rolling power outages.

Forecasts for relatively low wind power generation before and after sundown contributed to the situation, according to ERCOT. Texas has more wind capacity than any other state, and solar farms built recently have helped carry the grid through the summer.

ERCOT called for Texans to reduce their power use between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Thursday by turning up their thermostats, refraining from using large appliances such as washing machines and turning off pool pumps.

This is the fourth time the grid operator has called for people to lower their energy use this summer; the most recent request was on Sunday. The state has broken its power demand record 10 times so far this summer because of economic and population growth and the punishing heat.


You’ve got to be kidding me. How do they justify forcing people to live like this?

And paying premium prices to live under reduced conditions like this, because man, oh, man – the price per MWh is soaring. Better check those wallets before you turn the a/c down or try to do laundry.

That singeing sound you hear isn’t just the temps outside, believe me. It’s household and business budgets spontaneously bursting into flames.

This whoop-dee-doo article from May, they really should be sort of ashamed of it. BFD TX is beating CA at “transitioning” to renewables if you can’t keep the power on.

Texas is emerging as an unlikely catalyst for energy transition efforts across the United States by rolling out clean energy supplies at a faster pace than long-time renewables hub California and the rest of the country. Like, be serious – what does that even mean, if you can’t guarantee reliable power generation?

Texas, the second-most populous state, has also established a formidable lead over all states in terms of total electricity generation from renewable sources, and will add more solar and wind capacity in 2023 than all other states combined, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).


As of this afternoon, I don’t think it’s very breezy in the hills – it doesn’t seem like those turbines are carrying as much of the load as they should. Natural gas looks like a winner, huh? And there’s that sad little nuclear section, just chugging along – doesn’t care of it’s hot, cold, wet or dry outside.

Screencap ERCOT

Then again, if you can’t beat them, try laughing through your tears.

Speaking of inert wind turbines, even snooty Texas Monthly magazine is noticing an inconvenient fact about renewables besides warm afternoons trapped indoors – there’s no way to get rid of them when they poop the bed. Which they do at an alarming rate. And it’s really bad when other places start sending their crapped out junk to you for, well…piling up because there’s nothing else to be done with it.

This is called a “reality check.”


…About forty miles west of Abilene on Interstate 20, Sweetwater has unwittingly become home to what is possibly the world’s largest collection of unwanted wind turbine blades. When forklifts deposited the first of these in a field behind the apartment complex where Pamala Meyer lives, on the west side of town, in 2017, she wasn’t initially bothered. But then the blades—between 150 and 200 feet in length and mostly made of composite materials such as fiberglass with a binding resin—kept coming. Each was cut into thirds, with each segment longer than a school bus. Thousands arrived over several years, eventually blanketing more than thirty acres, in stacks rising as high as basketball backboards. Every few dozen feet, a break among the stacks leads into an industrial hedge maze.

“It’s just a hazard all the way around,” Meyer said. She worries about neighborhood children exploring the unfenced piles and says that stagnant pools of water inside the blades breed swarms of mosquitos. Matt Jackson, who works in a nearby warehouse, has other concerns. The piles create shaded nooks and crannies, perfect for Sweetwater’s unofficial mascot. “It’s just a big rattlesnake farm,” he said.

If all the fossil fuel powered electric plants in the U.S. were to be replaced by solar and wind, the land grab – and subsequent environmental catastrophe – would be enormous. Solar replacement alone would take up the area of the yellow circle, while wind would need the pink. Of course, they don’t run in the dark or windless days, so you’d still need fossil fuels or nuclear. Enough nuclear to cover our needs takes up the space in that wee green dot in the panhandle.

Screencap @MatthewWielicki

There are currently 10,550 Solar power plants across the globe with a total capacity of 186242.0 MW.

There are currently 191 Nuclear power plants across the globe with a total capacity of 398710.9 MW.

Can you see the difference?

Sure I can – my lights work.

The entire renewable scam is a big, dark rattlesnake pit.

UPDATE: This is not good news. The madness must stop.

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