Gavin Newsom wants to make America Oakland

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Gavin Newsom. YECH.

I swear. This unctuous, gleamy toothed, malevolent creature just gives me the willies. He reminds me so much of that anti-Christ-like cult leader in “The Stand,” Randall Flagg. All I see is evil personified every time he hits my monitor.


How does California re-elect someone like that? Do they all have Stockholm Syndrome?

Are they all brainwashed?

Or is it a combination of indoctrination and abuse that allows them to countenance such an overlord and his minions.

How do they live like this?

The CNN report is just ghastly. One woman is crying her heart out as she leaves a place she’s spent her whole life is. I should say, “Is forced to leave.”

But I also wonder who she’s been voting for all these years as things went south.

Gangs are targeting Asian families. We keep hearing that’s a problem – a racist problem – but you never hear who’s doing it, although we’ve all seen the videos.


And then, when perpetrators are caught in these racially targeted crimes? What happens in Newsom’s CA to offenders, when they are arrested for RACIST crimes against innocent people, usually elderly, who can’t defend themselves?

Why…little to nothing. Because the bad guys are victims.

The Alameda County district attorney has reduced charges against two men accused in the March 2021 killing of a 75-year-old man in Oakland.

The announcement came just before the trial began, and it has reopened old wounds for members of the local Asian community.

“In this case, we are saying we are very concerned that they will be paroled and coming out and hurting people again,” said community activist Carl Chan.

The Mercury News reported DA Pamela Price’s office, minutes before the start of trial Monday, dropped special circumstance allegations that, upon conviction, would have meant longer prison terms for both defendants.

…Both defendants have long criminal records. But those who have followed Price over the years, especially during her successful campaign for DA, should not be surprised by Monday’s events.

She ran on a progressive platform aimed at reforming a judicial system she says is rooted in racism.

The problems with mass incarceration enhancements are at the heart of mass incarceration, and those of us who have studied this problem, and the remedies for it, understand that the use of enhancements has devastated Black and brown communities,” said Price.


Those two thugs murdered a 75 year old Asian gentleman. The one cretin had attacked older fellows before. Nothing like going for the easy marks.

In Newsom’s CA, everyone who isn’t a protected class is an easy mark.

Especially when you know there’s not much downside, even if you mess up and the old guy dies.

The NAACP is calling for more cops. Who’d you vote for all these years, brother? “Failed leadership,” “defund the police” – these aren’t new programs or causes, dude. You had to have had some part in encouraging them, even tacitly through your silence, but forgive me if I find it hard to believe the NAACP was ever silent on either of those.

Let me say it loud for the cheap seats – Progressives are not good people. They do not have good intentions nor good programs, however much they try to ram both down your throat because you refuse to believe them and roll over.


Newsom’s CA is literally a seething, flaming cesspool of human misery and criminality.

And he’s dying to bring Oakland…and San Francisco…and LA…to a neighborhood near you.

He thinks we’re easy marks.

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