Climate protestors are on everyone's last nerve

Danny Lawson

Regular people going about their daily lives are getting a bit more hands-on when it comes to shrieking eel climate cultists disrupting commutes or destroying property.


Especially as the various groups protesting fossil fuels or your incandescent bulb all seem so pointlessly stupid and hypocritical. Oh, how they wail, gnash their pointed teeth, and rail against oil, but use iPhones in plastic cases and play stompy foot in their Doc Martins. They wear plastic rainbow ponchos as they throw tomato soup on priceless paintings while reciting their well worn, hyperbolic talking points. They use epoxy glues to weld themselves to streets, necessitating fuel driven jack-hammer digit rescues and oily asphalt repairs of the now cratered roadbed.

All the things they are against are inevitably the coverings on their furry bodies, the assault instruments of their protest action, and the means of recording the same for uploading to Twitter and Instagram afterwards.

For example, just a couple of hours ago, “This Is Rigged” – yet another one of these ne’er do well, completely indistinguishable groups – spray painted the entrance to the Scottish Parliament.


They were in a snit over Britain’s prime minister greenlighting hundreds of new oil and gas leases in the North Sea.


The U.K. will grant hundreds of new oil and gas licenses for the North Sea as Rishi Sunak’s government continues to lean on fossil fuels as part of its energy strategy.

The U.K. prime minister said Monday that approving the new licenses would “bolster” energy security and create jobs, as well as build space for carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS) projects. But his plans drew an immediate backlash from green groups, and one prominent Conservative MP.

Why were they wasting their time defacing the entrance to the Scottish Parliament? Who knows, when that legislative body has nothing to do with what they were mad about, and no power to affect the decision in any fashion.

Futile emoting. And someone else has to clean up after them yet again.

People are getting tired of it.

People are up to their eyeballs all over Europe.

Violence against climate change protesters such as Just Stop Oil is intensifying throughout Europe, with video clips of drivers using their buses to drag sitting protestors off the road and people destroying banners going viral on social media and governments finally beginning to push anti-protest legislation after months of increasing public ire.

…A spokeswoman for Just Stop Oil, Zoe Cohen, said in an interview last week that to get media attention the group must cause material damage. “Unless people do things that are slightly transgressive,” she added, “people don’t notice the difference.”

Their methods have made the protesters widely unpopular across Europe. In Germany, two men forcibly removed protestors off the road. In England, a man tore up banners that activists had while blocking the street and threw them on the ground. A man in London pushed an activist to the floor and kicked his head during a roadblock.


Even the notoriously tolerant U.K. government has had enough of both protestors and citizens complaining about them.

…The United Kingdom government amended its Public Order Act in June this year to allow the prosecution of someone that disrupts the operation of national infrastructure such as roads, railways, and air transport. Before, the police could restrict a protest only if it resulted in “serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community.”

Things have reached the point where the easy-going Swiss are over it. Their reputation for being on time is something they have to protect, you know.

It had to come as something of a shock the other day for our own Commerce Secretary, Gina Raimondo, to have to be hustled out of an event because of “climate protestors.” Chanting and acting the aggressive fools.

I’m sure she previously wasn’t feeling any sympathy for, say, someone like Riley Gaines, but maybe she will now.


Annoying little buggers when it’s YOUR face they’re in, aren’t they?

Somebody ought to do something about that.

Woodside has threatened to sue two ‘Disrupt Burrup’ climate protesters for financial losses after the alleged release of “stench” gas in their Perth headquarters forced the evacuation of about 1500 office workers.

Disrupt Burrup Hub campaigner Gerard Mazza spoke with Oly Peterson on 6PR’s Perth Live.

“It was a prank and it was effective, we managed to clear out the building and draw attention to how rotten Woodside is,” Mr Mazza said.

There’s a start.

Ooo! “Just a prank.”

Well, you can pay for it.

More please.

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