Democracy is dying in darkness

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What a sad day this has been.

Just so sad and dark, with all its overtones of malicious prosecutions and malevolent machinations – the stuff of sweeping government conspiracy novels with the Smoking Man from the X-Files thrown in. You could prop a figure like Poland’s General Wojciech Jaruzelski at a White House window, and at this moment in time?


I wouldn’t doubt he was operating from a basement room inside and just came up to peek at a little sunshine.

Someone has to work the levers of power for this doddering, mush brained criminal.

Work them they have been, furiously, without a thought or care of the cost to the country and everything we held – and still hold – dear. As they have been since the cabal came with Barack Obama became truly entrenched, and then dug in for battle when Trump was elected. To stymie and circumvent every last thing the American people signaled they wanted accomplished by their votes. And to destroy the man himself – and everyone around him – if they could.

I took the main post picture above sitting behind about 5 rows behind Donald Trump at his big 2016 rally in Pensacola. I wasn’t a supporter to begin with, but when he got the nomination, I was 100% on board. It didn’t hurt that I felt a fight against Hillary was a fight to the death for this future of this country and I know in my heart that is so to this day. She is a vile creature of ambition and ego, wrapped in a soulless sausage casing.

Trump had to win.

As vice-chair of our county Republican Executive Committee, I had a unique opportunity to truly be a part of directing the effort at a party level. Prior to that, I’d been involved with Florida campaigns as a grassroots organizer ever since helping a young, unknown FL rep take on a sitting governor in a guerilla campaign for U.S. senator.


I loved it and I was forever hooked. But it did take a decade before I joined the Republican Party proper.

After the primary, the Trump energy was off the charts as was the antipathy to HRC.

Trump had to win.

He did, and that night is still one of my fondest memories to this day. It was insane at our Victory Party, nail biting, international news crews streaming in from the Dem event when they realized what was happening, my head buried in returns coming in.

Getting home at 3 a.m. to find major dad still on the couch, howling over MSNBC in literal meltdown – Maddow was like the witch after the bucket of water hits her.

Damn, it was glorious.

It was all being sabotaged even then, internally and externally. From the FBI to Justice to State, in Congress with Paul Ryan ignoring every reason he had a majority. Treachery and perfidy, right from the start.

I will always give Donald Trump enormous credit for what he managed to accomplish in the face of underhanded dealings and overwhelming odds. So many good things came out of those four years in spite of myriad, hidden internal adversaries and the malevolent subterfuge arrayed against him. Only a person with his powerful personality could have held that together.

But there were tremendous missteps as well, and unforced errors of ego combined with unrestrained volubility started taking a bigger toll. The disaster of an election came and went, the disgrace of January 6 and the tarnished president who still managed to bull his way through was somehow not the same man.


It’s only gotten worse with his unfettered outbursts and attacks. I so wish he could contain himself. I so wish for the sake of the country he could have restrained the bravado, and that would have shielded him – and the country – from this unprecedented ghastliness now.

Because what they have on Trump is what he gave them, whether they should have been looking or not. And, as smart as he is, he should have KNOWN they’d be crawling through every crack.

As Prof Turley says in Ed’s excellent piece on the indictment:

These are hits below the waterline.

God bless it. I am so angry.

I am angry at Trump – there are no excuses for him. There is no “whataboutism” that will wallpaper over what they have on that tape.

Espionage Act v Presidential Records? As a guest just said on Watters, “Beauty is in the eye of the prosecutor” and Trump handed them the picture.

I am so angry.

Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, all the rest of the snakes in those federal buildings need to be cleansed with fire, and God help the GOP if they don’t do it.

If we survive this to keep the House and take the White House and Senate, I want retribution. I want Chipmunk Cheeks and her smarmy smugness perp walked.


I want Joe Biden prosecuted. I don’t want anyone ever saying that SOB’s name without spitting on the ground immediately afterward.

I want an equal justice tidal wave that wipes these cretins out.

But most of all?

I want my country back, dammit.

The Bidens, Obamas, Clintons, Garland – every last miserable, traitorous wretch can roast in eternal flames and ignominy for the darkness they’ve cast over us like a funeral pall.

I want MY country back, damn them all.

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