Fed judge says "Not so fast" to FL's trans health ban for children

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A liberal federal judge in Tallahassee has said the 3 minors whose parents are part of a larger lawsuit against the state and Gov DeSantis can move forward with their “care” mutilations.


His “stinging rebuke” was more of a progressive hissy fit, kicking and screaming from the bench that “Gender identity is real.”

A federal judge delivered a stinging rebuke to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican-controlled Legislature over rules and a new state law that banned minors from receiving “puberty blockers” and other types of gender-affirming care.

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle on Tuesday blocked the state from applying the ban to three minors whose parents are part of an ongoing lawsuit, saying they would “suffer irreparable harm” if they were not allowed to continue access to hormones and other types of treatment.

The preliminary injunction does not apply to other minors who may wish to obtain treatment, but the ruling suggests that a key part of the law itself could get knocked down as the legal challenge proceeds. Lawmakers approved the new law in early May at the urging of Republicans, who called the treatments “evil” and “child abuse.”

The usual suspects are beside themselves happy.

Ugh. They make me sick. The “if you can’t murder them, mutilate them” industry spoke up, too.


I sure hope they don’t think this is over. No one here is going to take it lying down.

…GOP state Rep. Randy Fine, who sponsored the legislation, blasted Hinkle’s ruling, saying in a text: “We will not stop fighting to defend children.

Florida’s medical boards late last year first adopted rules that blocked doctors from offering treatment to minors. That change was then placed into state law this spring by the Legislature, which also prohibits universities, local governments and other agencies that access the state’s Medicaid programs from using public dollars to cover such treatments for anyone in Florida. And the new law makes it easier for patients to sue doctors who performed gender-affirming treatments.

Judge Hinkle does have a track record of his own poor judgements to overcome…

…and he is well known for having been overturned a time or two previously.

He “rants on DeSantis in his opinions” and, true to form, this is every bit of a 44 page progressive rant. Gender identity “is REAL” and the state has NO RATIONAL BASIS for denying patients treatment.

Except the part about children and irreparable harm and all that, but moving along…where’ve we heard that clap-trap before?


…Hinkle said people who mistakenly believe gender identity is a choice also “tend to disapprove all things transgender and so oppose medical care that supports a person’s transgender existence.”

Banning treatment for minors ignores risks patients might face, Hinkle said.

About those “risks” again…?

…“The plaintiffs’ adolescent children will suffer irreparable harm — the unwanted and irreversible onset and progression of puberty in their natal sex — if they do not promptly begin treatment with GnRH agonists. The treatment will affect the patients themselves, nobody else, and will cause the defendants no harm,” Hinkle said.


I sure hope these kids get back to Judge Hinkle if this ruling stands, and let him know how terrific their lives turned out.

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