Chicago "peace keeper" cop substitutes looking too much like Chicagoans so far

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Brandon Johnson, teachers’ union tool, anti-law enforcement advocate and left wing lifer extraordinaire, took the mayoral reins of the City of Chicago on the 24th of May.


His inaugural address left some of his new constituents smoking mad.

…Though it was a patently absurd to depict a novice lawmaker and provincial activist as an elder statesman, Johnson’s attempt to cast Ramirez as a brilliant policymaker was innocuous in comparison to what followed. Shifting from topic de jour, the need for more revenue, Chicago’s “underfunded” schools, and a shortage of affordable housing, Johnson repositioned to draw a comparison between the deaths of Officer Aréanah Preston and apprentice gang member Adam Toledo, intoning:

You know, the tears of Adam Toledo, his parents, the tears of Adam Toledo’s parents are made of the same sorrow as the parents of Officer Preston’s parents.”‍

A disgraceful juxtaposition which should never be forgotten or entirely forgiven, while the parents of both Officer Preston and gang member Adam Toledo both lost loved ones, Johnson’s comparison between Preston and Toledo is not merely hurtful and misleading, but a flat-out falsehood.

A differentiation redolent of Johnson’s April finger wag reprimanding critics of rambunctious teens engaged in criminality downtown as guilty of a moral failing, the contrast the mayor drew between Preston and Toledo fails on numerous levels. Foremost, it disregards the fact Officer Preston opted for a career with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) because she sought to become a part of the fulcrum which upholds the law and maintains order on Chicago’s streets. A woman wholeheartedly devoted to Chicago, Preston entered law enforcement to bring rescue to victims of crime, solace to the suffering, and aid to the injured. In stark contrast, Adam Toledo was a gang recruit who was in the early stages of gang life. Gang life, needless to say, revolves around spreading mayhem, terrorizing neighborhoods, and murder.


In an effort to help the new Hizzoner get a good leg up his first weekend on the job, the similarly anti-law enforcement minded governor of the state of Illinois – Jumbo J. B. Billionaire Pritzker – decided to roll out the “yellow vest Peacekeepers” program to patrol the streets. These civic minded do-gooders would prove you didn’t need cops to maintain security or law and order. You just needed cool heads and soft voices.

In typical Leftist social engineering fashion, the Democrats would call them something swanky and spend a lot of money they didn’t have on something guaranteed to fail. It was only going to be Memorial Day Weekend for their inaugural run at peace-keeping, but never keep a good plan down.

…The news comes days after Johnson and Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker (D.) announced the creation of the Citywide Crisis Prevention and Response Unit, which deploys “peacekeepers” to “provide essential assistance in deescalation, conflict resolution, and crisis support across Chicago.” Democratic politicians across the country, including far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.), have prompted similar programs.

The Chicago program costs Illinois taxpayers $700,000, the Center Square reported.


CHA-CHING! Of course, there should be points awarded for good intentions, especially if they have a chance to prove our cynicism is unfounded…although any program endorsed by AOC has to be squinted at with an extra dash of skepticism.

Inquiring minds want to know – how’d that great plan go?


It’s been a violent and deadly Memorial Day weekend in Chicago with at least 53 shot, 11 fatally, police said.

The shooting victims range in age from 2 to 77 years old, representing every part of the city.

The violence occurred despite a collaborative public safety effort that the new mayor hopes to implement all summer.

So deadliest Memorial Day Weekend in a decade – oh, well done Mayor! And it ain’t even HOT yet.

Of course, when one of the thirty yellow vests goes and gets himself arrested for…what was that again?

Oh, yeah – pulling a driver out of his car, beating the crap out of him, finishing off by robbing him, well…sort of takes a bit of the shine off your little group of yellow vests.

I forgot to add this part.

Dis guy – besides being a peace-keeping, do-gooder – is a convicted felon out on parole.

…Around 11 p.m. Friday, Montes and six or seven accomplices pulled a 37-year-old man from a car near 23rd and Washtenaw in Little Village, prosecutors said.

Montes, who was charged with the attempted murder of a rival gang member in 2012, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and is currently on parole after serving a little more than ten years of a 12-year sentence.

On Friday night, he wore a yellow vest emblazoned with the word “peacekeeper” as he participated in the attack, leaving the victim with rib and facial fractures, according to a Chicago police report. The victim suffered partial vision loss in one eye, and doctors aren’t sure how much of it he will recover, prosecutors said.

A Chicago police surveillance camera captured the entire attack, and an officer who monitored the video told field units that one of the attackers was wearing a yellow vest.

Patrol officers quickly located Montes walking away from the scene while removing “a neon ‘peacekeepers’ vest,” according to the CPD arrest report. No other arrests were made.


Screenings were thorough to get those vests, tell you what.

Now, some bleeding hearts felt the initial reports were inaccurate and initial reactions to those reports were…let’s say too harsh as far as the semi-murderous felonious gentleman charged with the gang assault, beating and robbery was concerned. A former Obama official immediately got in a lather defending him.

Don’t you know peace keeping is stressful? And why aren’t you that mean to cops when they beat people?

…Hours later, Peter Cunningham, who served as Assistant Secretary of Education under Arne Duncan during the Obama administration, offered his insights on Twitter.

“Over 500 peacekeepers on duty this weekend putting their lives on the line to stop shootings, but you highlight one guy who mishandled the stress. You don’t hold police to the same standard. You approve $90M per year in police abuse settlements. Time to think & act differently,” Cunningham posted.

In classic Lefty fashion, dear Mr. Cunningham gets the #mathz way wrong. Where he pulled the 500 number from, I have no idea. There were thirty yellow vests “patrolling” for the city. 3-0.

There were no peace keepers at the North Avenue Beach this weekend, either.


Maybe shoulda been.

And it ain’t even HOT yet.

Summer of Joy 2, coming up.

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