San Fran progs went to war over "family" - how'd that go?

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Once upon a time, in a formerly gorgeous city known as San Francisco, in the formerly bucolic state of golden dreams know as California, there existed a race of humans – almost a tribe – now recognized by archeologists and anthropologists as “The Normal People.”


As evolution sometimes goes, instead of perpetuating the species, occasionally these kinder, more gracile hominids are wiped out – almost to the point of extinction – by cruder, more robust sub-species. These barbarians migrate into the world created by the indigenous, civilized tribe and, eventually, conquer it. Think Rome and the Visigoths.

Well, no one’s statues are safe from Progressives either. They have held sway over San Francisco for decades, becoming ever more virulent, unreasonable and power mad as their reign marched on.

Unbeknownst to the shrieking eels of the Progressive hierarchy and regular performance artists at county Board of Supervisors meetings, there appears to have been a small gene pool of The Normal People who had escaped annihilation in the great progressive purges. In fact, there were enough of them still breathing that they felt bold enough to surface publicly and express opinions. Even worse, this recessive guerilla group’s leader – who had what would have once been considered impeccable Democratic credentials – expressed a desire to become part of the process!

Didn’t that cause a ruckus.

…Cyn Wang, a Chinese immigrant and member of the LGBTQ+ community who worked as a diplomat in the foreign service, faced heavy opposition from the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) over her proposal for a club called the Westside Family Democratic Club, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Wang’s club aims to push for several advocacies, including public school improvements, better public transportation, increased housing availability and cleaner streets.

During the committee meeting, the club’s supporters were questioned about their income levels, racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and voting patterns, particularly with regard to the school board recall. Wang’s club was also accused of being racist and secretly funded by Republican groups.


The word “FAMILY,” as you all know, is racist dog whistle.

…DCCC reportedly banned the club due to the inclusion of the word “family” in its name and Wang’s support for a recall of a school board that some saw as being overly “woke.”

The word “family” is not a right-wing dog whistle. SF is the most childless major city in the US. Groups like ours want to help register Democrats, improve public schools, promote safe, clean streets, transit, parks, & more housing – so families feel they can thrive here.

Really: Family = RACIST. You knew that, right?

(You do now.)

At the DCCC meeting where the word-that-shall-not-be-whistled was debated, one of the usual artists went through the motions for effect.

She/it’s cute as a button, no?

Anyway, the word and video spilling out from the raucous caucus’s gathering turned to be out not so flattering to the DCCC’s image. As used to fiery gatherings as they were, defaulting to tantrums to always get their way?


Turns out they just might have overdone the outrageous outrage this time.

San Francisco Democrats have been called ‘mean girls’ after they banned a lesbian Asian from setting up a liberal club in the city.

Cyn Wang, who worked for the Obama Administration, attempted to set up a group called the Westside Family Democratic Club, but was stopped because the title contained the word ‘family’ and for backing a recall of a woke school board.

The Chinese immigrant has long been a Democrat, and on paper looks like the perfect candidate to represent a liberal group. Wang voted for Biden in 2020, labeled herself an intersectional feminist, and denounced the Republican Party as ‘the biggest threat to our democracy.’

She also married a Mexican immigrant, who got her green card this month; runs a small family business and sends her daughter to a public school.

Wang was sure her club would be approved by the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) without incident, but when she and her other club members logged onto the Zoom meeting, they were sorely mistaken.

When even the uber woke, utterly REVOLTING deviant Scott Wiener goes after his own party…WOOF. They stepped in it.


The DCCC held a re-vote this week and grudgingly gave the lesbian and her racist Republicans-in-blue-clothing The Normal People a charter, while still lobbing ill-mannered potshots on the way out.

…On Wednesday night, the party took up the matter again — and this time, it voted to approve the club’s charter, but only after a few more rounds of finger-pointing.

The Republicans have their Moms for Liberty, and now San Francisco will have its Westside Family Democratic Club,” Anabel Ibanez, a top party official, said in a statement presented by a proxy. Ibanez, who couldn’t attend, opposed the club’s charter.

In an unexpected development – and surely unwelcome, sour apples news to the DCCC – afterward, the tribe of The Normal People resembled the Grinch’s heart – they grew 4 times that day. So did their club bank account.

S.F. progressives accused moderate Democratic group of being Republicans. Then the cash rolled in

The Westside Family Democratic Club — a group of moderate San Francisco families that clashed with progressive activists last month — finally won the official blessing of the San Francisco Democratic Party this week after an ugly battle. The club got its charter, and the last laugh, after its membership quadrupled in the wake of this column highlighting its only-in-San-Francisco political travails.

…Cyn Wang, a founder of the club, said the group has swelled to 100 members in the past few weeks and now has $3,000 in its bank account, up from $80. Asked whether it’s ironic the nasty accusations led to so many more parents wanting to join her club, she laughed.

“It is ironic,” she said. “It’s a silver lining.”


Sometimes tribal isn’t a bad thing at all. You just have to be the first native willing to stick your nose out of the bushes.

Until you do, like Japanese soldiers hiding in the jungle for 40 years, you’ll never know who’d be really happy to climb on out there with you.

They were just waiting for word it was finally safe.

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