#Sadz: Not all moonlight and unicorn farts anymore in the EU's Green dreamland

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To borrow a phrase from The 5th Dimension’s hit Aquarius, when you “let the sun shine in,” sometimes it warms the cat on the windowsill, charges the solar panels on the roof, and helps the potted palms grow. Other times, its illumination of things you’d rather keep tucked away turns inconvenient, and it winds up scorching all your big plans.


That looks like what’s happening in Europe right now, almost across the board. The frenzied, climate hysteria engendered, end-of-days rush to save the earth from ourselves is finding its movement crashing under the weight of its own failures – both in promised results from imposed radical actions and predicted, repeatedly rescheduled (as they are yet-to-materialize) dooms. When the stated reason for extreme measures and mandates which have changed people’s lives exponentially for the worse fails to materialize, and then the end date shifts even as the misery index continually ramps up with no relief, a breaking point will be inevitable.

Genug” is German for “enough.” And, with not a minute to spare, the zealots are going to have to give way. Perhaps even start answering for what they’ve done.

Once unthinkable articles are appearing in major media outlets, and they highlight just how deep the insanity has wormed it way into the consciousness of a good swath of impressionable…well…lemming-like idiots. High anxiety reigns among the meek-minded…

Europe is beginning to turn against the prophets of climate alarmism

A few days ago, I received an email from my local council offering “climate anxiety” therapy for those worried about global warming. It was too interesting an invitation to refuse. A “climate psychologist” convened the group and asked for their feelings: afraid, angry, helpless and guilty were the main words offered. Such anxiety is natural, he said, but can be remedied by “distancing” oneself from negative climate news. He didn’t quite say how such a feat could be achieved.


…but among those still able to think cogently, there is serious introspection at last. They’ve put the believer brakes on, and are letting the sun shine in where even the hint of dissent had once been verboten.

We’re now familiar with the lack of scrutiny or perspective when the subject is discussed. Some newspapers tell writers to avoid neutral phrases like “climate change” and instead say “emergency”, “crisis” or “breakdown”. Politicians have tended to compete with each other to see who can ring the alarm the loudest. Ed Miliband wanted to decarbonise electricity by 2030; Theresa May made Britain one of the few countries in the world with a legal target to hit net zero by 2050. But just how much would this cost? No one was really told.

Now, the bill is beginning to land – and reality beginning to bite. Dutch farmers recently drove tractors into The Hague to protest against its green diktats. In Germany, where the war in Ukraine has brought a new energy realpolitik, wind turbines are being dismantled to make way for an expanded coal mine. Sweden’s 27-year-old environment minister has been quietly diluting the green laws she inherited. Emmanuel Macron – famously chastened by the gilets jaunes – last week called on the EU to stop its barrage of green legislation, saying that enough is enough. We might just have passed Peak Green.

It’s all moving quite quickly. Last autumn, Germany signed an EU target to ban the sale of internal combustion engine cars by 2035. It now opposes the idea, as does Italy, Poland and Czechia. That’s not to say the green agenda is collapsing under the pressure of public scorn: it’s simply being subjected to the kind of scrutiny that was never applied in the first place. How much will it cost? What will it achieve? Germany’s transport minister has been making a good argument: what’s the point in electric cars if the power that drives them comes from burning coal?



German citizens have to be asking themselves that.

The greatest energy folly of all time… Germany restricts electricity supply while ramping up demand! Rationing unavoidable

Nowadays it seems Germany is doing everything possible to warp-speed ruin itself.

If today’s German leaders were driving a car and wanted to go faster, they would ease off the gas pedal and slam on the brakes – and hope it works! That’s basically how they’re handling the country’s energy crisis. Some would understandably equate it all to lunacy.

They’d better get cranking. That’s a lot of “catch-up” to force on yourself. GENUG, already!

Screencap Bloomberg

The Green-led government there knows it is in deep Scheiße with voters already. Now they’re torn between trying to mitigate the damage in an attempt to even survive the next elections as a party or use what little time and power they have left to ram through whatever draconian measures they can before being booted permanently. Only Germany’s vast wealth has saved them thus far – being able to outbid other countries for power and resources when they’ve run short.

The French have been busy throwing wrenches into Brussels’ plans and you know they are reveling in it. It’s about the only win Macron has had lately, so he’s going all out.

EU countries slam ‘crazy’ France for taking renewables legislation ‘hostage’
Swedish Council presidency pulled the Renewable Energy Directive from ambassadors’ agenda over fears France would derail talks.

Anger at France boiled over on Wednesday as EU countries accused Paris of taking a key piece of EU climate legislation “hostage” at the last minute to extract further concessions in the text.

EU ambassadors were due to sign off on the Renewable Energy Directive on Wednesday, an integral part of the bloc’s flagship Fit for 55 climate package that aims to slash greenhouse gases by 55 percent by 2030 and ramp up the share of renewables in the EU’s energy mix to 42.5 percent.

…“France is crazy,” said a diplomat from one EU country, who requested anonymity to speak candidly about country dynamics, adding that there was “a lot” of anger at Paris “from all sides.”

We disassociate ourselves from the French mess and wash our hands of it,” they said.

This is the Renewable Energy Directive, not the Nuclear Energy Directive — it’s the RED not the NED,” a diplomat from a second EU country fumed, and the “RED is being taken hostage.”

“😤🤬🤯😭😢,” said a third diplomat, via text message.

Paris’ “push for nuclear is again delaying the transition and deployment of renewable energy,” they added.


Oooo! Renewables being “taken hostage”! Always the hyperbole, especially considering the whole of Europe – and now the U.S to a large extent – has been held hostage to renewables for years.

Crazy like a fox it sounds like to me. Damn French and their nuclear…that they all have to buy power from when their renewables shut down. Of course they despise them even more than for being French.

Macron even went so far as to call for a moratorium on any more Green mandates coming out of Brussels.

…Witness a speech last week by French President Emmanuel Macron in which he suggested that Europe may already have enough environmental regulation and doesn’t need more. Sacré bleu!

Mr. Macron called for a “regulatory break” on environmental matters in Europe.

“We’re ahead of the Americans, the Chinese, or any other global power in regulatory terms,” he said. “Now we need to execute” rather than add more pages by the hundreds to the green rulebook.

Note he was speaking to a room full of industrial executives on how to reverse deindustrialization and revive French manufacturing.

Yeah. CRAZY.

Like the Finns were crazy. It might have taken them 14 years to get their new nuclear power plant running, but, HO, BOY.

The plant picked up so much slack, it dropped electricity rates 75% and then into negative territory! They wound up having to throttle it back because so much wind generated power had come online at the same time, there was too much power available.


Helluva problem to have, huh?

Of course, Greens and renewable loons are saying “See?! We didn’t need it to begin with!” But what were they saying before, when the wind wasn’t blowing? *silencio*

Just like the *silencio* here in the States when the climate change emergency klaxons start sounding. Not a word ever about what’s really the cost or what really is the data behind any of it or how is it really working out where they’re implementing these austerity energy measures. That’s never allowed to be part of the conversation, and you are HOLDING THE EARTH HOSTAGE if you question The Science.™

I’ve got the drill down pat.

The European Big Green Dream wall is starting to crack and we can bring ours down, too.

I’ll be here doing my CRAZY part and let the sun shine in.

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