Irish POTATUS: He's walking! Yes, indeed, he's walking

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Did you know our black, Jewish, Puerto Rican, big-rig-driving POTATUS was in Ireland this week?

Oh, yeah. *sigh*

Yeah, he was, and doing us proud as only he can, from the very second he stepped foot on the auld sod o’ the Biden ancestors.


You’ll never guess who he took with him, either.

That’s right – Hunter Biden went with The Big Guy to Ireland. Now, you could ascribe nefarious purposes to his presence, and I frankly don’t know who would blame you. Especially with what’s just coming out now about Hunter’s involvement as far as Ireland and his father’s office in years past.

President Biden’s embattled son was invited to accompany his dad and aunt to Ireland this week, despite continued scrutiny over the Biden family’s foreign business dealings and dual investigations.

In 2011, Hunter’s partners at his now-defunct investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners discussed making contacts to expand their energy investments in various state-owned investment funds, including in China, Ireland, Oman and Qatar, according to emails reviewed by Fox News Digital.

…Another sovereign wealth fund mentioned on the SWFI list was the National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF) in Ireland, which had $33 billion in assets at the time. The NPRF was a public pension fund that later became the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) in 2014, according to Investopedia.

Archer suggested that someone from Rosemont Seneca reach out to Dan Rooney, the then-U.S. ambassador to Ireland, who was appointed by Obama in 2009, in order to gain connections to the Irish government.

…Schwerin then suggested to Devon and Hunter that an informal meeting with Rooney could be arranged during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Washington, D.C., the following week.


Rooney’s dead now, ergo won’t be answering any questions, and the White House “declined to respond” to Fox’s inquiry, so this is yet another unseemly Biden crime family nugget hanging in the air that will have to, hopefully, some day, be addressed. But in the meantime, during the visit, Hunter came in very handy when his geriatric pater familias would start to totter off course…

… adroitly diving in to rescue the situation.

Hunter wasn’t the only controversy accompanying POTATUS. Playing fast and loose with classified documents remained a problem. No wonder he didn’t have much to say about the little airman they arrested yesterday when he’s the king of “What classified documents?” His attitude is apparently infectious.

There was an excruciating video from the first moments he landed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak waiting at the bottom of the stairs to greet him. It’s really inexplicably rude. After a perfunctory sort of handshake with Sunak, Biden puts his hand on the Prime Minister’s arm to physically move him over so he can salute whoever the dude in uniform is. You can see Sunak has to shuffle quickly to get out of the way of Biden’s rush to fuss with, again, whoever the uniformed fellow is.


Was that bizarre or what? And how embarrassing for Sunak – just kind of shoved aside.

He should have taken it for an omen, because what Sunak was supposing would be biLATERAL talks with the U.S. president – complete with reputation and ego-burnishing press conference afterward – was summarily reduced to a cleverly named biLATTE meeting in a coffee shop, with no press conference. Pretty damn lowering for a British Prime minister.

Rishi Sunak has been mocked after only getting to meet Joe Biden in the corner of a hotel bar over a cup of tea in Northern Ireland this morning.

It is far from a formal bilateral meeting progressing a UK-US free trade deal, which many had hoped for during President Biden’s visit.

Critics blasted the meeting for not lasting “long enough for biscuits to be served” – let alone to discuss US-UK relations, while a US official dubbed the gathering as a “bi-latte”.

The US President faced a volley of questions from reporters over the cuppa – including if he had a message for Northern Irish parties and why he was not discussing a trade deal while on his visit to the UK.

But he declined to answer, instead commenting on the “heck of a view” from the upper floors of the hotel Grand Central Hotel.


Making friends and influencing people, that’s our guy.

Out in the rain with Irish President Michael Higgins, for some reason, the French Lady felt she had to do a narration of her boss doing his patented stiff-gaited stomp walking whilst under an umbrella.

I can’t decide if it’s mockery, exasperation, or both. Wherever it springs from, it’s completely unprofessional in any event.

And then Biden cruelly got all our hopes up…until we remembered Kamala would be president.

Pfft, go ahead. Send him back.

The taxpayer-funded jaunt through the most authentic of his many ancestral homelands had to have done a world of good for the soul of our weary, over-extended chief executive. In a reflective mood, he closed on a bracing note that could have been taken straight from the Dalai Lama.

And it is still in the so weird White House transcripts…for the moment.

Screencap White House
Screencap White House

Or maybe they’ve just thrown in the towel, too, like the French Lady.

You keep licking the world, POTATUS.

I want to get off.

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