Like things weren't scary enough - Stacy Abrams is coming for your gas stove

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I don’t know how she does it all. Soft porn novelist, Governor of Georgia, Federation President, free and fair elections monitor…


…and now?

Stacy Abrams rewires and inspires.

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As benign as that looks, believe me, it’s not. She’s coming for your nat gas line.

Abrams is thrilled – thrilled, I tell you – to be a part of such important work. Bringing the message of climate change, renewables, and electrification to ignorant sods in communities all over the country, who didn’t know how unhappy they were with the appliances they own.

…“Rewiring America anchors our work in how the decisions we make around the kitchen table about the machines we use can save us money, make our homes and communities healthier, and reduce climate-harming emissions,” Rewiring America co-founder and CEO Ari Matusiak said in the release. “Stacey Abrams’ career of public service has hit all these themes and more. She’s a brilliant and visionary organizer who will accelerate our work and expand the audience for the benefits of electrification — the most equity-centered climate strategy we have.”

Abrams will work to assist the organization in connecting Americans and communities to “machines, installers, Inflation Reduction Act incentives, and jobs in the clean energy transition,” according to the release.

“I’m excited to join Rewiring America to share the benefits of electrification and ensure families get their fair share. I look forward to working together as we build the tools that will transform everyday Americans from energy consumers to energy moguls in their own communities,” Abrams said in the release.


You’ll notice the mention of the Inflation Reduction Act incentives there. She’s pushing spending our money to make us miserable, cold, and unhappy. Not to mention she’s “connecting” you to the people who’ll do the installing, etc., so she’s basically the annoying solar salesman who bangs every third day on your door already, only she’s salaried. What a peach.

And I’m not kidding about soaking the taxpayer – it’s what this whole Ponzi scheme is feeding off of.

…Co-founder and CEO Ari Matusiak attributed Abrams’ hire to her dedication to public service and said she is a “visionary organizer who will accelerate our work and expand the audience for the benefits of electrification — the most equity-centered climate strategy we have.

Matusiak founded Rewiring America with Alex Laskey and Saul Griffith, who have all netted millions in buyouts or received significant federal funding for their environmental ventures, while they also simultaneously advocated for policies that would benefit those ventures through the nonprofit, according to Fox News.

The group has had an increasingly influential role in policy decisions at the state and federal level and had a presence at the White House during a Dec. 14 electrification summit and another event celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act, Fox News reported.


Money, money, money.

…“It’s a shocking amount of money that they’re hauling in with this scheme of theirs,” Institute for Energy Research President Tom Pyle told Fox News. “I call it Big Green Inc. It is literally a business for these guys and they cloak themselves in the mantra of trying to save the planet. But, really, this is just very sophisticated self-dealing.”

“The group” she’s joined – okay, that hired her for whatever reason – is also the same group of left-wing lunatics that engineered the faux “gas-stoves kill mostly black and minority people but kill white people, too” kitchen-wrapped-in-plastic-and-duct tape study that lit the world on fire a couple of months ago. The chick that wrote that piece of crap works for them.

These people are as shady as the Black Forest in summer.

…Rewiring America is a project of the Windward Fund, an environmental group managed by Arabella Advisors, the largest Democratic-linked dark money network in the United States, according to public records. This arrangement allows Rewiring America not to file tax forms with the IRS, though records show that it received roughly $300,000 in 2020 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a social justice group run by the powerful Rockefeller Family.

Since December 2022, Rewiring America has come under scrutiny from Republicans over its research associate Talor Gruenwald co-authoring a study associating gas stoves with childhood asthma. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm promoted the study on Twitter and, in June 2021, met privately with the Rocky Mountain Institute, a group that funded the December study, Fox News reported.


Now I’m not sure what value she’ll bring to this collected brain trust of grifters and environmental fascists. For all the high talk about her “public service,” she doesn’t have much of a legacy of anything other than being unelectable and one helluva fundraiser. That may also be why she had to get a paying gig – the fundraising grift may be coming to a screeching halt.

Besides the fact she blew through over $103M in her 8-point gubernatorial loss to Brian Kemp in November, the campaign coffers wound up dry because of some pret-tee questionable expenditures. Which were not employee pay related, because they didn’t pay them at the end.

And now people are eyeballing Abrams’ nonprofit for illegal fundraising across the United States and the GA secretary of state has opened an investigation.

…Her acceptance of a role at Rewiring America comes amid a voting rights charity that she founded, New Georgia Project, being investigated by Georgia’s secretary of state for “financial irregularities,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The charity disclosed a roughly $533,000 consulting payment on its 2021 tax forms to the Black Male Initiative, a Georgia group that claims it never received the money. The initiative’s 2021 tax forms show that it took no consulting money that year.


I’m sure it’s because he’s a white supremacist and only wants to oppress her, now that she’s finally gotten a paying job.

She’ll take his stove first.

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