Boldly on once forbidden ground, WaPo declares exercise *gasp* "protects against COVID"

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I know, I know. Give yourself a moment to get over the shock of the betrayal.

What was once “conspiracy theory” now has official establishment blessing.


Men and women who worked out at least 30 minutes most days were about four times more likely to survive covid-19 than inactive people, according to an eye-opening study of exercise and coronavirus outcomes among almost 200,000 adults in Southern California.

The study found that exercise, in almost any amount, reduced people’s risks for a severe coronavirus infection. Even people who worked out for as little as 11 minutes a week — yes, a week — experienced lower risks of hospitalization or death from covid than those who moved about less.

“It turns out exercise is even more powerful than we thought” at protecting people from severe covid, said Robert Sallis, a clinical professor at Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine in Los Angeles and senior author of the new study.

The findings add to mounting evidence that any amount of exercise helps lower the ferocity of coronavirus infections, a message with particular relevance now, as holiday travel and gatherings ramp up and covid cases continue to rise.

The study the WaPo is over the moon about – and just a tad late to the party with – was only released on the 14th of this month. And out of, of all places, CALIFORNIA!

Associations of Physical Inactivity and COVID-19 Outcomes Among Subgroups

…The exposure was the median of at least 3 physical activity self-reports before diagnosis…

There were protective associations of physical activity for adverse COVID-19 outcomes across demographic and clinical characteristics.

Public health leaders should add physical activity to pandemic control strategies.


Excuse me, WHUT? You’re telling the fascists who rule CA to ADD PHYSICAL ACTIVITY when they so love to lock everyone up? Scientists™ are talking to these guys?

I’m wondering if they did their work in a vacuum and forgot who was running the state – the selective enforcement governor doppelganger for the anti-Christ in 1994’s version of “The Stand.” The guy who could lock everyone in their own homes, but made sure dopers stayed mellow and that his own dinner plans weren’t impacted.

…California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday issued a statewide order for all residents to ‘stay at home’ amid a coronavirus outbreak.

Newsom added: “Home isolation is not my preferred choice … but it is a necessary one …This is not a permanent state, this is a moment in time.”

The stay home order is in place till further notice.

…Earlier this week, Newsom ordered all non-essential businesses to close, including bars, beer pubs and wineries. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, cannabis clubs and other businesses deemed as essential are still open, state and local officials say.

Couldn’t walk on the beach, go to church, the gym or hit the skate park…

…but you could sure go crack an “ESSENTIAL” bong?

Malevolent clowns.

People were literally banned from Twitter for suggesting that The Science™ of isolation being rammed down everyone’s throat was wrong. That these conspiracy theories were going to kill even more people and had to be ruthlessly crushed immediately. iIt all gave rise to contagion freaks who took it upon themselves to shame and vilify the heretics while making sure the sheeple remained terrified.


Like this freaking hypocritical clown in my neck of the woods.

(Yet another rich liberal in the Newsom mold as he was busy marching cheek by jowl with BLM protesters in Tallahassee shortly thereafter.) (But that was “different.”)

And there’s really no excuse for WaPo trumpeting an obviously late and redundant study. Anyone with half a brain already knew that exercise was essential to good outcomes, that “fresh air” was the elixir of life. They even apparently ignored another study done by the University of Virginia School of Medicine that came to the very same conclusion, only a year and a half earlier.

Regular exercise may reduce the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a major cause of death in patients with the COVID-19 virus, a top exercise researcher reports. He is urging people to exercise based on his findings, which also suggest a potential treatment approach.

A review by Zhen Yan of the University of Virginia School of Medicine showed that medical research findings “strongly support” the possibility that exercise can prevent or at least reduce the severity of ARDS, which affects between 3% and 17% of all patients with COVID-19. Based on available information, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 20% to 42% of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 will develop ARDS. The range for patients admitted to intensive care is estimated at 67% to 85%.

I wonder why? Were they so heavily invested in the mandates narrative, pushing vaccines and boosters as cure-alls, maintaining Fauci’s every utterance and the CDC’s preeminence…what? All of the above? For that matter, all of the mainstream media was completely invested in “the narrative.” Check out this Reuters “fact check” from over a year ago.


I also have a sneaking suspicion that the “super size” lobby helped keep exercise as a mitigating factor tamped down because it would expose one of the truly sad facts of the pandemic – that obesity was (and still is) one of the leading comorbidities for COVID deaths. The more avoirdupois you carry, the risk of an adverse outcome skyrockets. Never, in all the haranguing about masking, washing hands, six feet separation, ad nauseum, did any of these health officials in any capacity suggest you drop a couple pounds.

They wouldn’t dare. Anyone who suggests that Americans could possibly take control of their own destiny by backing away from the table a couple bites earlier is in for the shellacking of a lifetime.

But it would be the best thing one could do, whatever your age. FTR I am speaking as a fellow soldier in the eternal Battle of the Bulk.

Two new, large studies from England and Mexico provide new details on obesity as a risk factor for poor COVID-19–related outcomes, including death, with the UK study noting the highest hospitalization rate in young adults.

…The authors noted that even a small increase in BMI over 23 kg/m2 increased the risk of poor COVID-19 outcomes. “People with excess weight, even without other comorbidities, are at substantially increased risk of admission to hospital and ICU and death due to COVID-19, especially for younger adults and Black people,” they wrote.

Excess weight is a modifiable risk factor, and investment in the treatment of overweight and obesity and long-term preventive strategies could help reduce the severity of COVID-19 disease.”


It seems that WaPo is tacitly acknowledging getting off the couch may have some benefits. Would they had had the courage to speak frankly a year sooner instead of being a regime organ.

And now WaPo and all the other tyrants, enforcers and public shamers of the COVID regime want us all to forget the past two years. *poof* Exercise is good, fresh air is great, masks are worthle…WAIT.

What in the Sam Hell is it with CALIFORNIA?

Seriously. That state.

In the meantime, take a walk, chase your kids, go bowling…do something.

Move. Have fun.

That sounds like a happy recipe we already had in the box.

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