Say - who's that guy running in CT-05 and have you heard about him?

Welcome to another in my continuing series of “TERRIFIC GOP CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES YOU PROBABLY HAVEN’T HEARD ABOUT.” (Could be because we have so many terrific candidates this year and it’s dang amazing, but I digress.) I saw a snippet with him on Tucker the other night and went looking for more. I mean, a Republican – a competitive Republican – in Connecticut? Come on, man!


I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve been finding out so far – Logan is awful sharp. Check out this quick interview (with another candidate I profiled, Hung Cao of VA-10).

Another thing about that interview – in the few days since it aired, that race in CT-05 has shifted from “Leaning Blue” to a toss-up. Even on the notoriously picky Politico Forecast 2022 site changed their rating from “lean” to “toss-up” at the beginning of October.

George Logan is the grandson of Jamaican immigrants to Guatemala, whose children, in turn, eventually became Guatemalan immigrants to the United States. They built that better life here for their children through factory jobs and hard work, and George sure seems to appreciate and embody that family ethic. He also served 2 terms in the CT statehouse as a senator, which has made for an interesting contrast when he debates the incumbent – Rep. Jahana Hayes – on her two-term record in Congress.

…On a consistent basis, the candidates argue about who has done more in their legislative career. Hayes said that Logan rarely talks about his four years in the state Senate, charging that Logan did little during his tenure.

“I am very proud of my time in the state Senate,” Logan responded. “We had a tie in the Senate. We passed some of the most consequential legislation in 50 years.”

Those laws included spending and bonding caps, along with a “volatility cap” that prevented the state legislature from spending excess taxes from capital gains when Wall Street is booming. That cap was the chief reason why the state has been able to generate record-breaking surpluses and push the state’s rainy day fund to its highest level in state history. At one point, the rainy day fund reached $7 billion, but money was automatically redirected to pay down the state’s unfunded pension liability.

While Hayes said that Logan did “nothing” in his four years in the state Senate, Logan said that Hayes, in turn, could have done more in Washington, D.C., during the same time frame.

My opponent has had four years to buck the system down there … and she has chosen not to do that,” Logan said.


That’s pretty damning. While crime has been on a downward slope in the Constitution State, law enforcement there says a recently passed (2020) “police accountability bill” is weighing heavily on recruiting and retention. Logan wasted no time pointing out the Congresswoman’s support from defund-the-police quarters.

He has also gone after Hayes for ducking the kitchen table issues CT citizens are concerned with while sounding the ABORTION ABORTION ABORTION klaxon no one but six frustrated cat ladies want to hear. He absolutely skewered Hayes when Kamala Harris arrived in town, ostensibly for a “Discussion about abortion access,” but Harris still got in a “you know the mid-terms are coming” plug for Hayes. Logan called it a “missed opportunity.”

“We’ve got the Vice President and Congresswoman Jahana Hayes doing a bunch of grandstanding and fear-mongering…Congresswoman hayes has done a terrible job of representing the people of our district. She has chosen to support the Democratic leadership in Washington over being a voice for the people in our district.”


On top of it all, George Logan is smart enough to put his mom on camera to make his Bidenomics point. (She’s completely edible. *insert heart emoji*)

Who doesn’t love a grandma in the kitchen?

As I’ve said over and over, every time I get a chance to profile one of these dynamic, incredible new faces of the GOP, I am so tickled to death. How we managed to get a bench this full of enormously mature, intelligent, and personable young folks who actually are willing to put themselves through a campaign, I have no idea but am ever so grateful. And, judging from the fierceness of the contests and response of the constituency to whom they are speaking, my impressions aren’t hopeful bonhomie. The fact is that they are unafraid – bearding the Dems in their own deep blue districts. They are taking entrenched incumbents to the mats, telling you their messages and strengths are talking the talk, and their retail campaigning is walking the walk.

It’s so terrific. We are so very blessed.

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