Shootout at the Okaloosa Corral: Biden's border body count is growing in Florida

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I can’t for the life of me imagine why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t welcome Joe Biden’s flood of illegal migrants into the state he’s nurtured into such terrific shape. After everything the state’s experienced in the past two years and in spite of rabid opposition to every step from Democrats both local and D.C., we’ve got a pretty great thing going on here for our legal residents. We are also hugely supportive of our governor’s efforts to crack down on illegal migrants, as well as his efforts to alleviate pressure on other states and strengthen the state’s tools for fighting immigration and employment fraud.


Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday that the state will propose a series of legislative reforms “that will help strengthen Florida’s hand in fighting back against” what he called the dangerous border policies of President Joe Biden and his administration.

Speaking at Jacksonville International Airport, DeSantis noted a recent incident in which police said a 24-year-old Honduran immigrant posing as a minor was arrested in the stabbing death of a Jacksonville man.

Although it wasn’t known how murder suspect Yery Noel Medina Ulloa made his way to Florida, DeSantis has accused the Biden administration of orchestrating clandestine flights from the U.S.-Mexico border and secretly shipping migrants to the Sunshine State.

Not a minute too soon, however. The official line, according to White House, is …

OF COURSE the border is secure, but DANG if it isn’t tough making that argument judging by what’s been happening here in the past two days alone.

The Pinellas County Sheriff had some heartbreaking news to share early this morning.

How horrible. God bless him and hold his family close. What makes it even more ghastly is the fact that it never, NEVER should have happened.


…Two road construction workers are facing charges after one allegedly ran into a Pinellas County deputy with a forklift, killing him, and fled the scene.

…Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Deputy Michael Hartwick, a 51-year-old father, was in a construction zone, working a traffic detail when he was struck by a front end loader with a forklift.

…The sheriff said they initially believed the forklift operator was named Victor Vazquez of Puerto Rico, but it turned out “Victor” was a 32-year-old undocumented immigrant named Juan Ariel Molina Salles, who was previously denied entry to the U.S. by Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexican border and sent back.

He came back in through the Texas border, he is here illegally, and he’s been here in the Tampa Bay area since March of this year,” the sheriff said.

It makes you physically ill to think about it. Had that border been what it was 2 years ago, Deputy Hartwick would still be alive, and his two sons would still have their dad. And every single “construction worker” who was with the murderer? All illegals, who stymied finding him when he ran because they were busy lying their illegal heads off.

…However, the investigation was hurt by workers who were lying to authorities or not answering their questions.

“All of these people are working for Archer Western, which is a contractor apparently doing work for the Florida Department of Transportation out of Tampa,” the sheriff said. “This company’s employing all these illegals, and they’re all out there lying, giving us fake names, fake IDs, a lot of fake IDs out of North Carolina.

According to Gualtieri, Molina Salles fled because he was afraid after he killed Hartwick. The sheriff said the suspect also didn’t have a driver’s license and should not have been driving, much less working.


Mother of God. They need to throw whatever legal hammers they have at that construction firm. Put the fear of the ENFORCEMENT in these people.

That wasn’t an isolated incident, though, sadly. There was a police-involved shooting Wednesday evening in our neck of the Panhandle – Destin, in Okaloosa County:

The sheriff’s office says around 4:30 p.m. an armed man was chasing and shooting at a woman inside the Regatta Bay community on Sailmaker Lane during a domestic violence situation.

Deputies say upon arriving on scene, they found the man and told him to drop his gun.

According to deputies, the man refused and began shooting at them, resulting in deputies firing back and killing the man.

That’s quite a nice, quiet community over there, and those sorts of upsets don’t normallyoh.

DESTIN, Fla. — The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office believes the man shot and killed after firing at deputies Wednesday in Destin was an undocumented immigrant who had previously been deported.

…According to Sheriff Aden, by the time deputies arrived, other workers were able to flee the home. However, the man — who had already fired at least one shot in the home — remained inside with the woman, who he was holding against her will with a gun.

Sheriff Aden said the woman was able to escape the home to a safe area with other people, while the man ran from the home to a nearby location. He then started firing again at the woman, before shooting at deputies.

According to Sheriff Aden, the deputies — who were not injured — returned fire and struck the man several times, ultimately killing him. He added they shot him approximately two minutes after arriving.

…”My big question is how does someone like that get a gun? How is someone like that able to have a gun to do a violent act? Why is the person even here?” he said.

According to Sheriff Aden, records show the man was an undocumented alien who had been deported once in 2012 based on his criminal history. The sheriff said he did not have info on what led to his deportation ten years ago, but added that deputies had arrested the man in 2021 for driving without a license.


How does any criminal get a gun? Anyway they can. Plus, he was deported 11 years ago for his criminal history? How nice of Joe Biden to throw open the gates so he could sashay back in. Remember the howls of derision and shrieks of RACIST that Trump’s, “They’re not sending their best” was greeted with?

They’re not sending their best. Period. A porous border coupled with a willfully mendacious administration is endangering precious American lives, causing irreparable harm, and burning money we don’t have to indulge in this lawless, Progressive charade.

I’ll end this post with a salute, Godspeed and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Deputy Hartwick.

His End of Watch is wrenching – fellow officers saluting as the ambulance takes him from the hospital to the coroner’s office. God bless him.


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