Video: There's a tax for that

With all the talk of a “war on women” and, now, a “war on moms,” it’d be easy to forget that Americans face a potential tax hike of $494 billion in January 2013. Our good men and women in Congress don’t have to enact that hike. They just have to do what they do best — nothing. Thanks to the scheduled expiration of various tax relief measures, Americans will automatically be slammed with an unprecedented increase in taxes unless Congress does something to stop it. It’s Taxmageddon — and few folks are even talking about it.

Fortunately, Brent Bozell’s online conservative army, ForAmerica, has released a new video that plays on Apple iPhone commercials and reminds us: No matter what we want to do, under Obama, there’s a tax for that. In the coming weeks, as part of a social media campaign to educate voters about the critical issues in the 2012 campaign, ForAmerica will work to keep tax policy front and center.

Obviously, Barack Obama is doing the same thing with his incessant talk about the Buffett Rule: It’s important to remind voters that, with or without that rule, taxes are already going up.

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