John Stossel: I left ABC because it sucked

If you’ve ever worked for a news organization and not liked it, now’s the time to speak up, apparently. First, the Fox News mole fiasco, then the Newt GingrichFox News feud, and, now, John Stossel, saying what I like to read immeasurably more than I cared to read the mole’s uninformative insider accounts:

Stossel left ABC in 2009 after working there for 28 years “because it sucked,” he said.

“They were hostile to these ideas that made us prosperous and I consider so important. They tolerated me for years,” said Stossel, “but by the end they were saying ‘Oh, you’re so predictable Stossel, you want to use libertarian economics all the time.’” …

“I was not offered a job by Fox,” he said. “I went over there and begged ‘Please hire me, I can’t stand it anymore.’”

Stossel’s comments came in an interview with The Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey in which Stossel discussed his new book, “No They Can’t: Why Government Fails — But Individuals Succeed.” In addition to denouncing the creativity-stifling environment fostered by his former employers, he spoke a hard truth to those of us who work in media. “Shallow wins,” he said in the closing quote of the interview.

Stossel, who is known for the clever ways in which he illustrates libertarian economic principles for viewers, acknowledged that economic arguments for or against a policy are often complex. There exists a need, then, to make the moral argument for economic freedom, as, for example, American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks does.

In the meantime, though, Stossel will continue to make the economic arguments at the same network that the mole painted as soul-destroying. Stossel’s tale of proactively pleading with Fox to hire him makes the mole seem even more pathetic. Are we really to believe no liberal news organizations were willing to hire him because he had begrudgingly worked at Fox for a time? He’s telling me they wouldn’t jump at the chance to hire someone so evidently ready to denounce a competitor they hate?

Goes to show we’re all responsible to seek an environment in which we can flourish — and, thankfully, we live in a country that (for now, at least) allows us to do just that.

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