Republican Governors Association to Scott Walker: We've still got your back

The Republican Governors Association was the largest independent group to help Scott Walker win the governorship of Wisconsin in 2010 — and the organization is again lending support to the stalwart budget balancer as he faces recall election. The RGA has launched what they characterize as a major statewide advertising effort on broadcast and cable television. This ad began to air today and attacks the two candidates who are challenging Walker in the recall:

As Governor Walker has said, “Our most powerful tool is the truth.” In the case of Walker’s recall election, it’s not only true that his opponents increased taxes and did little to incentivize job creation, but it’s also true that the state of Wisconsin is better off now by a number of measures than it was when Walker first took office.

Walker didn’t just reform the collective bargaining system in Wisconsin: He also implemented tax incentives for job creators, regulatory relief, tort reform and a repeal of the state tax on health savings accounts. Collectively, these reforms have greatly improved the business climate in Wisconsin. It’s no wonder, really, that 94 percent of business owners think Wisconsin is headed in the right direction today. Compare that to just two years ago: At that time, just 10 percent of owners were pleased with the direction of their state.

The stakes are high in this recall election — and not just for the state of Wisconsin. They’re high for the entire conservative movement. In Walker, the nation has a compelling example of a courageous, committed, principle-centered conservative, who cares more about workers and taxpayers than monied union bosses and other special-interest group leaders. Here is someone who lets his actions speak for him — and whose actions are consistent with common sense and foundational ideas about freedom and fiscal responsibility. If conservatives in Wisconsin and across the country defend him, we send the message that we care more about people and policy than politics — and we prove again that sound policy can trump dirty politics. If we don’t defend him, we’ll make it that much harder for anyone to follow in his footsteps. Who will risk what he has risked if the possibility of any kind of reward — even the reward of watching reforms come to fruition — seems practically nonexistent?

Walker really said it best at CPAC:

This election is ultimately about courage. When we prevail, it will send a powerful message – not only in Madison but in Springfield and St. Paul; Columbus and Austin; and in state houses all across America. Most of all, it will send a message in the halls of Congress.

When we win, it will tell every politician in America that if you are bold, if you do the right thing, if you tackle the tough issues, there will be people standing there right with you.

And Lord help us if we lose. If we lose, I believe that it will set acts of courage in politics back at least a decade if not a generation. This is why we must not lose.

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