Flashback to 2007: Romney made pornography an issue in a campaign ad

If it was obligatory to highlight Rick Santorum’s pledge to crack down on Internet pornography as president, then it should be equally obligatory to highlight Mitt Romney’s public position on porn in 2007.

While running for president last cycle, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2007 cut a campaign ad called “Ocean,” where he vowed to “clean up the water in which our kids are swimming.”

“I’d like to keep pornography from coming up on their computers,” Romney said in the ad.

He also expressed a desire in the ad to “keep drugs off the streets” and “see less violence and sex on TV and in video games and in movies.”

Unlike Santorum, Romney makes no mention of the enforcement of anti-obscenity laws, so a reporter might still pin him with a question or two on that. He also stays exclusively focused on ensuring pornography doesn’t come up on kids’ computers. That’s a little different than wanting to restrict access for everybody. Still, surely this is enough to obviate the need for a GOP civil war on social issues, after all: Our two frontrunners agree that pornography has negative consequences for society. Don’t most people?

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