Coulter on Palin and a brokered convention: Beware of political celebrities in the GOP

Actually, her exact phrase wasn’t “political celebrities.” At the Indian River County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner in Vero Beach, Fla., Monday night, she said the GOP has a problem with “con men and charlatans.” Her point, though, was this: The Republican Party — and particularly the conservative movement — has created incentives for politicians to enter the fray not necessarily to win an office, but to eventually score a gig with Fox News or write a book. We need to be wary, then, of people who might possibly be in it solely for themselves.

Coulter’s not keen on the idea of a brokered convention, but she’s also not concerned it will happen. I think she’s right. Right that it wouldn’t be good for the GOP because, really, who’s going to save us now? If nothing else, it sets a bad precedent: Who will want to face the primary process in the future if he knows he can skip it and still be in the battle for the nomination? Right, too, that it probably won’t happen.

A contested convention is different: Santorum might have made a strong enough case for himself by the time the convention rolls around to be able to convince the needed number of Romney delegates to go his way — and he arguably should have that opportunity. Not sure Coulter would agree with me there, though. (H/t The Daily Caller and The Shark Tank)

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