Biden's office circulates press release to promote veep's trip to "Road Island"

Copy editors and fact-checkers are in short supply these days, as newspapers and websites daily attest. Apparently, that’s true of Joe Biden’s office, too. The vice president’s staff recently circulated a press release that promotes Biden’s trip to “Road Island.”

“On Thursday, the Vice President will travel to Boston, Massachusetts, Manchester, New Hampshire and Providence, Road Island to attend campaign events,” the memo states.

What does it say about me that I’m equally bothered by the lack of a colon and semicolons in the list of the vice president’s destinations? Why not, “On Thursday, the Vice President will travel to the following places: Boston, Massachusetts; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Providence, Rhode Island”? Do no English teachers share the wisdom of Strunk and White anymore? Or have they all succumbed to the whimsical grammatical advice of Stanley Fish? For what it’s worth, the hardcover illustrated edition of “The Elements of Style” is quite nice and makes a lovely high school graduation present. Consider it a symbol of all the kid you’re toasting didn’t learn in school.

To be fair to Mr. Biden’s staff, they’re not the only folks who’ve misspelled a campaign stop recently. As The Blaze points out, Rick Santorum’s staffers did it too when they announced he was headed to “Bimidji, Minnesota.” It’s actually “Bemidji.” Clearly those errors are of comparable magnitude.

Why report on this at all? As Dana Loesch notes, Dan Quayle still can’t live down “potatoe,” but, somehow, Joe Biden always gets a pass. It’s the double standard, stupid.

(H/t to the-one-and-only Jim Treacher)

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023