Audio: Rush Limbaugh parodies Clint Eastwood ad; Update: Reason TV parody added

Clint Eastwood might say that, because he has no political affiliation with Barack Obama, his ad on behalf of Chrysler couldn’t possibly be political — but that doesn’t mean Rush Limbaugh can’t mock the ad with all his usual hilarity. Luckily for us, he did. The parody aired on El Rushbo’s radio show today, and it fills in the gaps of the original ad for those who aren’t able to read between the lines for themselves:

Here’s a clue for Chrysler and Clint Eastwood: If the White House is delighted, Democrats are gleeful and Republicans suspicious, your $14-million-or-so ad probably wasn’t perfectly on the up-and-up. True, Clint Eastwood is a registered Republican and an original opponent of the auto bailouts and, yes, Chrysler has already paid back most of the money it received in the bailout, but a truly great — and apolitical — ad is one that makes viewers on both sides of the aisle laugh, cry or shiver with goosebumps — and, ultimately, buy the product. This was not that.

Update (Allahpundit): This one’s much truer to Clint’s political instincts than the original ad, I’d bet.

Update (Tina): This post originally suggested that Chrysler had repaid all of the money it received from taxpayers. Actually, U.S. taxpayers lost about $1.3 billion in the Chrysler bailout; Chrysler won’t ever have to pay that money back. I assumed, because Chrysler had paid back all the federal government had required of it, that taxpayers had been fully reimbursed. Silly me!

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