Video: Carney dodges question about Obama's college transcript

Forget birth certificates and tax returns: What really qualifies a person for president is straight As in college. No? Never mind, then. But wait — as long as we’re fixating on documents that, in the end, have no effect whatsoever on job creation or economic growth, why can’t we see Barack Obama’s college transcripts? As it turns out, Jay Carney didn’t say we can’t; he just referred Fox reporter Ed Henry to the Obama campaign. (Incidentally, I love how jaunty Henry is in this video. Why can’t more reporters be like that?)

The question-and-answer between Henry and Carney occurred in the context of a discussion about whether Mitt Romney should or shouldn’t, will or won’t release his tax returns. Carney did make it clear the president and he thinks that’s a “good idea“:

“I think we’ve answered this a bunch. The tradition of releasing income tax records for serious potential nominees, and nominees of the two parties is well established. It’s not a law. But it’s well established. It’s one this President abided by when he was a Senator. It’s one numerous Republicans and Democrats have abided by and we think its a good idea.”

At any rate, Romney clarified this morning that he will release his returns in April — so expect to hear more about this until he does. Just kidding. Let’s hope not.

Click the image to watch.

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