Todd Palin's much-coveted endorsement goes to ... Newt Gingrich

It’s not because Newt Gingrich necessarily best represents conservative thought. It’s not because Newt Gingrich necessarily stands the best chance to beat Obama. It’s because Newt Gingrich — like Sarah Palin — has withstood intense media scrutiny as a public figure that Todd Palin today endorsed the former Speaker of the House for president.

Palin said he has not spoken to Gingrich or anyone from the former House speaker’s campaign. But he said he respects Gingrich for what he went through in the 1990s and compared that scrutiny in public life to what Sarah Palin went through during her run for the vice presidency.

Todd Palin said he believes that being in the political trenches and experiencing the highs and lows help prepare a candidate for the future and the job of president.

He did not criticize any of the other candidates and said his “hat is off to everyone” in the Republican race.

Sarah Palin has yet to endorse, but her husband’s willingness to throw his name behind a candidate without disparaging the GOP’s other options is respectable. No hype preceded this announcement as hype inevitably precedes the endorsements of better-known figures, like Donald Trump or former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain (whose promises of an “unconventional” endorsement seem destined to be disappointing in their inevitably inadequate fulfillment). That lack of preemptive self-promotion makes this endorsement more fun than most.