Chris Matthews to DWS: What I really want to know is, will Obama drop Biden for Clinton?

Chris Matthews hasn’t been happy with President Barack Obama — and he’s kept up no pretenses that he is. The thrill is long gone. Now, it looks like he, like other Democrats and members of the press, wants to recapture that thrill with a little switch to the ticket. At least, he made a point to grill Debbie Wasserman Schultz about it yesterday. The Weekly Standard reports:

Likewise, on MSNBC, Chris Matthews asked the DNC chair: “Do you think it’s going to be the same ticket this time, Obama and Biden?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Wasserman Schultz told the liberal television host.

Matthews interjected: “Did you ever get those assurances from the president? Has he ever said it to anyone?”

“Throughout the president’s entire campaign organization, throughout the leadership of political folks attached to the president, I know, I’m 100 percent confident that Joe Biden and Barack Obama are going to run together as a team,” Wasserman Schultz replied.

A lot of Democrats’ hearts are breaking in Arkansas right now. Seriously, though, why the ongoing fascination with this idea? Yes, her approval rating has been consistently and remarkably high — but that’s what retiring from electoral politics will do for you. Let her reappear on the public stage and her old baggage would weigh her down — plus any new negative legacy she’s acquired as Secretary of State. What are her economic credentials, anyway?

Also, Democrats don’t yet know who the Republican nominee will be, let alone the Republican vice presidential candidate. It’s possible the GOP vice presidential nominee — say a Marco Rubio or Nikki Haley — would look even better given the chance to take on Hillary Clinton in debates for no other reason than that it would be a real debate, one by which voters might actually make a determination or two about the overall ticket. This persistent pipe dream, if brought to fruition, would just serve as a powerful reminder of why it’s better to under-promise and over-deliver.

But let the chatter continue. It surely can’t enhance Biden’s confidence or, for that matter, Obama’s.