Obligatory: Obama plays 90th round of golf in Hawaii

This would be a blasé bit of news if 90 weren’t such a nice, round number, but, as it is, this represents a record of sorts. Not only did Barack Obama golf on Christmas day, but he hit the links yesterday, too — and that round marked the 90th of his presidency. As Keith Koffler of WhiteHouseDossier.com points out, the time he’s spent on a golf course — about four to five hours a round — is the equivalent of three full months.

It’s not just that his perpetual self-indulgence signifies that “kind of laziness” the president himself admits plagues him deep down. It’s also that this particular indulgence required an exceptional sacrifice from the military men and women who had to accommodate his desire to golf at the Marine Corps base. Melissa Clouthier breaks it down, including a few particularly devastating comments from wives of Marines:

Well, the big deal is that a bunch of Marines had to work–blocking roads and doing other miscellaneous security detail–instead of being home with their families.

Here are some of the comments from the wives of these men. (I am not going to include the link to this page, nor am I going to include names, because I don’t want anyone in trouble. I do, however, have the screen shot and have copy and pasted the comments verbatim.) …

“Because he’s here, I didn’t get to see my husband all weekend, on our baby girl’s first Christmas, so he can have his vacation. So when I can’t get to my house because he wants to play golf it just adds insult to injury and yeah, gets on my nerves. I agree that it’s a sensitive subject for some of us who are more [a]ffected by his being here.” …

I was so angry! They blocked off my driveway… -_-”

“It takes him forever to play too because he isn’t good at it either lol!”

She dubs him “President Selfish,” and I think that moniker is more than appropriate.