Sarah Palin: "It's not too late for folks to jump in"

In an interview with Eric Bolling on “Follow the Money” last night, Sarah Palin re-invited conjecture about you know what. The Iowa caucuses are just two weeks away, but “it’s not to late for folks to jump in” the GOP presidential race, Palin said.

“Who knows what will happen in the future?” she asked.

Hers isn’t the only “ghost of a candidate past” to haunt the race. Florida Gov. Jeb Bush also recently stoked speculation about a possible candidacy with an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal. The op-ed — “Capitalism and the Right to Rise” — reads like “a campaign-like economic manifesto,” as Byron York put it.

But while Bush emphatically reiterates he won’t run, Palin doesn’t repeat her one-time announcement that she’ll stay out, making it infinitely more fun to resume speculation about Sarah than about Jeb. Still, even after the impartial consideration of curiosity-arousing statements from non-candidates, it’s easy to conclude, as York does, that GOP discontent with the present field — rather than any true intention to run on the part of Palin, Bush, Christie, Ryan or the rest of ’em — fuels the irrepressible buzz about them.

Likely, the GOP nominee will come from the current crop of candidates — and, really, we could do worse. Remember the guy we fielded last time? Romney was popularly believed to be to the right of him. So, we can’t possibly nominate as poorly as we did in 2008. The Tea Party has made a difference in the presidential nominating process, after all.

Meantime, I just can’t wait for the Tim Tebow ticket in 2024. If you thought a Sarah Palin presidential run would be controversial …

In the same “Follow the Money” interview, Palin declares her pride in Tebow and positively proclaims herself to be on “Team Tebow.” I gotta say: I’m with Bolling and Palin on this. The Christian mission is full of creative tension. Called to share our faith, but also to avoid hypocrisy and displays of self-righteousness, we rarely get the balance just right — and, yes, that is understandably a scandal to non-Christians — but I can think of just one word to describe faulting a guy for trying to be faithful to his vocation: petty.

P.S. Totally superficial, but I love that crystal-trimmed coffee cup of Palin’s! It’s just to the right in the video. Cute, cute!