New book "Everything Obama Knows About the Economy" is completely blank

Tennessee banker Jimmy Moncrief just self-published his first book — a 150-page stunner called “Everything Obama Knows About the Economy.” Those who buy it won’t have much to read: Every page of the book is blank. No matter: Moncrief has already sold hundreds of copies as Christmas gag gifts.

The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas, with more:

Moncrief said the book was inspired by a similar gag book from Sheridan Simove, who wrote a 200-page bestselling collection of blank pages called: “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex.”

He self-published the book and sells it on Amazon and on his website. He describes the book as “a humorous talking point” that “can also be used very effectively as a notebook.” A couple cigar shops in Chattanooga are also carrying them, Moncrief said.

“Where I live, there’s just so much hatred for Obama,” said Moncrief, an independent voter who says he doesn’t support any GOP candidate this cycle.

“I like capitalism so I was like, ‘how can I make money off this.’ It’s just a funny gift, you know? I just wanted to get people to laugh,” he said.

If that doesn’t show the beauty of capitalism, I don’t know what does.

Here, he presents his authorial interpretation of his own work. Brilliant.