Huntsman's daughters spoof "Sexyback"

This is so embarrassing to Jon Huntsman’s daughters that I almost feel ashamed to post it — but, then again, they wrote the spoof and flacked it as a pitch for their father, so they must not be mortified by it themselves. It sounds like the political campaign version of something a group of fifth-grade friends would write in a fit of creativity and concentration, record during a giggly sleepover and then release with the not-so-secret hope that every cute boy everywhere would hear it and think they’re enormously clever.

Whichever daughter is the lead singer sounds like she might be able to sing resonantly when she’s working with more theoretically sound musical material, but that’s about the only nice thing I can say. And the multiple interpretations of the lyrics work against the @Jon2012girls, too.

“We’re bringing Huntsman back,” they sing. “The rest of them is one big circus act. We’re right behind the guy who’s right on track.”

When I first heard that last sentence, I thought, “What? They’re saying the guy polling right ahead of their father is right on track? Who is that anyway? Rick Santorum?”

The irreverent Twitter campaign was one thing; it demonstrated a certain savvy and nonchalance that I thought earned the Huntsman girls the celebrity they’ve since enjoyed. But this is just silly. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve made my share of ridiculous music videos and I was even once talked into eating fried butter on camera by a certain Ed Morrissey, but, if my dad were running for president, I would show a bit more circumspection. At the very least, I wouldn’t make something absurd and try to pawn it off as appealing promotional material. Looks like the Huntsman girls are gunning to be the successors of Miss Meghan McCain — except they likely won’t even be able to say they were the daughters of the actual GOP nominee.

P.S. For what it’s worth — and because I know how unfair it feels to be judged by one flub — I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say I’m sure they’re ordinarily quite smart. I imagine this was just a little light-hearted fun. But I’m still not impressed.