The PETA files: At least now they're picking on someone who can take it

OK, I know it’s a little shallow of me to keep picking on PETA, given their meager and waning credibility as is, but they make it so easy. As a part of their anti-fur campaign, the group has launched a series of billboard ads against a gal very much accustomed to the limelight: Kim Kardashian.

The reality star has been known to sport fox fur, so PETA has put out this ad:

It’s sweet, really. I see those baby foxes and I wish Kim wouldn’t wear fur. But, then, I wish she wouldn’t do a lot of the things she does, like — oh, I don’t know — make a mockery of marriage. Where are the ads against that?

That’s the thing about PETA, really: Nobody wants animals to be treated cruelly (although I’d say PETA’s definition of cruelty and the average person’s definition of cruelty might not always be the same) — but PETA’s so completely absent from more important fights. As I tweeted recently, where, for example, is PETA in the battle for unborn baby humans?