Video: Rise of the Obamavilles

Since the Occupy Wall Streeters first appeared in prominent spaces of New York City, speculation has been rampant about how long they’ll stay outside. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been gracious to them, the owner of Zuccotti Park hasn’t complained about the unsanitary conditions they’ve created and even the NYPD have looked the other way as some protesters recently erected tents contrary to code. It’s becoming increasingly clear: Cold won’t chase these protesters away — at least not immediately. Nor are the NYC protesters alone in their persistence. Across the country (and even around the world), countless others have joined the movement — and appear similarly committed to sticking to their spots as long as possible.

The little tent cities they’ve created resemble nothing so much as they resemble … Hoovervilles. Sure, most of the protesters aren’t homeless, but many are jobless — and that’s the point. Whatever they say it is they’re protesting, they wouldn’t have “occupied” whatever street or city they’re occupying if the country were in a time of lower unemployment. Many of the policies President Barack Obama has championed — not least Obamacare — have contributed to the country’s joblessness. So, it seems neither unfair nor inappropriate to say, regardless of whether they realize it or call it by name and regardless of who else has contributed to the borderline corrupt culture of a federal government in bed with business, the protesters are, in fact, protesting the Obama economy. And that would make those Hoovervilles … Obamavilles.

The American Action Network has capitalized on that comparison with this new video that lays it all out clearly and plainly, investing the Occupy Wall Street protests with more meaning than the protesters themselves have:

As always, the numbers — and the president — speak for themselves. He’s comfortable owning the economy (as are Joe Biden and Debbie Wasserman Schultz), so let him own it. He inherited 7.8 percent unemployment. The rate now stands at 9.1 percent — and the only proposals the president has put forward are proposals that can’t even pass the Democratically-controlled Senate. Obama might throw a bone to the protesters now and then — as he has with student loans, for example — but he’s not about to actually disavow his own questionable business associations nor is he likely to create conditions in which employment and middle class incomes go up. If the protesters remain until the unemployment rate goes down, they’ll be there for a very long time.