Trending on Twitter: Obama's #WeCantWait slogan backfires

Remember when President Barack Obama said many Americans just “can’t wait” for the next election, implying that Congress better pass his American Jobs Act instantly or face the wrath of the American people? Since then, the prez ingeniously decided to promote “We can’t wait” as a slogan. He wants to hear from those Americans who just can’t bear the thought of allowing another minute to pass without passage of the AJA! Obligingly, impatient people the nation over have taken to Twitter to express just what they can’t wait for … and it’s not the president’s jobs plan:

That’s only the smallest of samplings. The whole list contains countless gems of reminders of what really should be the president’s most pressing priorities, whether that’s regulatory rollback, the passage of the 15 jobs bills already passed by the House (what some are calling the #Forgotten15) or just the presidential assumption of a little responsibility for the dismal state of the economy as we speak. Basically, the folks sounding off on Twitter seem to think the president should be concerned with anything but pushing a purely political bill. Peruse the page at your pleasure and feel free to contribute to the list on Twitter or in the comments below.

Hey, this is so much fun that #WeCantWait to have a heyday with the president’s next iteration of squirrelly sloganeering!