Limbaugh to the GOP: Don't fall for the premise of the OWS protests

First, let’s review what should be the basic assumptions that drive the public debate on OWS and the economy, in general:

  1. Out-of-control government spending drives the deficit and the debt.
  2. The deficit and the debt are the main drag on the economy.
  3. The success of the rich does nothing to contribute to out-of-control government spending.

As several HA commenters have asked, how does the rich’s success prevent the success of anyone else? On some level, I suppose, certain of the world’s resources are fixed. But the size of the U.S. economy isn’t. We can increase the size of the pie — so why are we quibbling over the size of our respective pieces?

But, for whatever reason, Republican leadership is afraid to stay focused on the long-term solutions that would lead to an increase in prosperity for all for fear of appearing unconcerned about income inequality. But Rush Limbaugh isn’t letting them get away with it. On today’s show:

Thank you, sir.

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