Video: MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan v. Ed Schultz ... Schultz huffs off

Somebody is a little sensitive. Ed Schultz is such a fan of President Obama’s jobs plan that even when someone concedes it creates jobs but objects that it doesn’t create enough, Schultz just can’t stand it. Well, that — and being interrupted. Schultz today joined a post-presidential-press-conference panel on MSNBC that included financial journalist Dylan Ratigan. Schultz cheered what he thought was the president’s best presser ever, but turned touchy when Ratigan pointed out that the president’s plan at best will produce 1.2 million jobs — less than 3 percent of the problem. Ratigan earlier referred to the president as “well-intentioned, impassioned and committed,” but it just wasn’t enough for Mr. Schultz, who repeatedly insisted the president’s plan is “a start.” “Where’s the Republicans’ start?” he asked. As Schultz ranted, Ratigan attempted several times to interrupt … until, at last, Schultz said he had a radio show to host and couldn’t afford to be interrupted by Ratigan any longer.

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