Poll: Even liberals like Obama less than they ever have

Just when I think we’ve reached the last of the new polls showing Obama at a record low approval rating, one organization or another rolls out a new one, analyzing popular opinion of the president from some slightly different angle and reaffirming that the president’s popularity is suffering excruciatingly no matter which way you look at it. This today from CNSNews.com:

President Barack Obama’s job approval among liberals tied its all-time low in the Gallup poll last week, according to survey data released today.

In the seven-day period that ended on Sept. 18, only 68 percent of liberals told Gallup they approved of the way Obama was handling his job as president. The president’s job approval among liberals had previously dropped to 68 percent in the week that ended on Aug. 28. (However, it then rebounded slightly, rising to 71 percent in the week that ended on Sept. 4, before dropping to 69 percent in the week that ended on Sept. 11.)

This particular poll comes as a timely reminder, though, that not approving of the president, actually disapproving of the president and not planning to vote for the president are all slightly different positions to take. Yes, the president’s approval ratings are low and, yes, unemployment is high, but, as the president himself has said, his odds of being reelected are higher than were his odds of being elected in the first place. He’s still the incumbent — and, on the campaign trail, the GOP candidates have been less than electrifying.

The road to 2012 will be long and treacherous, especially as the president pitches political ploy after political ploy at the electorate. His jobs and deficit plan might look laughably unrealistic to folks who understand we can’t spend our way out of debt nor tax our way into jobs — but it will serve the president’s purposes perfectly. That is to say, it will enable him to say he has put forward a plan and that Congress has failed to act on it. He needs just 14 months of a stalemate to render his do-nothing Congress narrative true. And with the Warren Buffetts of the world hip-hip-hooraying the president — and with mega-maddening groups like MoveOn.org fielding ads like this one — the electorate just might buy it that Republicans are to blame for the state of the nearly stagnant economy.

Meantime, men and women now adding to the president’s low approval numbers — like the liberals who’ve peeled off the utter adoration bandwagon or the CBC members who’ve purported to take the president to task for not addressing unemployment among the black community — will also add to his reelection effort. The same liberals who right now like Obama less than ever will nevertheless vote for him in November 2012.

Sure, Obama’s administration is increasingly scandal-plagued and that’ll grow the hovering sense that this president has got to go, but, it’ll all come down, as it always does, to turnout. No doubt more people in our country want Obama out of office than want him in — but do they want him out badly enough to vote for a GOP candidate who, viscerally speaking, does nothing for them?

So, a plea to any apathetic family members, neighbors, friends and readers who register displeasure with Obama but don’t think about it on a daily basis: Come Election Day, please, please, please go vote.