Rick Perry nudging Texas Congressional delegation for support

In just the past couple of days, Rick Perry has received two high-profile endorsements from GOP governors Bobby Jindal and Brian Sandoval — but he’s still gunning for a solid show of support from the Texas Congressional delegation.

As more elected Republicans begin to take sides, Rick Perry is moving to present a show of force from his home state’s GOP congressional delegation.

Chiefs of staff to Texas Republicans on the Hill got an email yesterday from a pro-Perry office asking about the status of their members.

According to two chiefs who got the message, it was a soft ask – a pulse-taking and offer to answer questions. In fact, it even emphasized that there was no pressure intended.

Many of the delegates whose good opinion Perry is courting supported Kay Bailey Hutchison in her primary bid for governor against Perry, so no guarantees, but Perry seems keen to prove he’s got mainstream Republican appeal.

After his performance Monday night, he might also need to seek some key Tea Party endorsements, too, as a few of his opinions actually drew boos from the Tea Party crowd.

Looks like we might have a long primary race ahead of us, after all.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 PM on January 31, 2023