Judiciary Chairman: Uncle Omar shouldn't receive special treatment

House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) today illuminated the unseemliness of President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security rules changes and the favorable results those changes yielded for his uncle Onyango Obama, an illegal immigrant who was arrested for drunk driving — and who yesterday was quietly released from ICE custody.

“It appears there is a double standard — one for President Obama’s family and one for everyone else,” Smith said in a statement in response to news reports that Obama’s uncle was “quietly released” from jail. “Last year, President Obama’s illegal immigrant aunt was granted asylum and now his illegal immigrant uncle has been released from ICE custody, even though he was arrested by authorities for drunk driving.” …

“President Obama’s uncle is a test case for why this new policy is a threat to the American people,” Smith said. “President Obama’s backdoor amnesty allows drunk-driving illegal immigrants like his uncle to remain in the U.S. His immigration policies are a risk to both public safety and American lives. Why should citizens and legal immigrants be threatened by drunk driving illegal immigrants when the administration can deport them?”

Truthfully, when news reports first surfaced about Uncle Omar’s drunken driving escapade, I thought it was a little unfair to pin the behavior of a relative on the president. After all, Onyango and only Ongyango bears responsibility for entering the country illegally and for driving under the influence. But the recent developments in the story certainly have an “off” appearance. Certainly, Uncle Omar’s timely release underscores the ample problems with Obama’s backdoor amnesty program — and that the policy so promptly benefited an Obama relation suggests the president just might have had his uncle’s long outstanding (since 1992!) “order of removal” in his mind when he decided DHS ought to have the authority to halt already underway deportation proceedings. Good for Smith for calling him out on it.