Former PGA champion chides Obama on golf, jobs

Too funny. I’ve always liked Paul Azinger, friend to the late Payne Stewart (who rivaled Greg Norman for the title of my favorite golfer as a child) and Ryder Cup Captain of legend. I really like him now. The 1993 PGA championship winner tweeted this light-hearted slam earlier this afternoon (h/t Elisabeth Meinecke):

The guy has written books, developed an iPhone app (Golfplan, featuring 30-minute videos and other helpful aids to your golf game!) and, in 2008, led a group of Ryder Cup rookies to the U.S.’ first victory since 1999. He knows whereof he speaks when he addresses optics, leadership and entrepreneurship.

But no worries. The president, too, knows what he’s doing. He’s been consulting with CEOs while away at Martha’s Vineyard. CEOs like, oh, you guessed it, Jeffrey Immelt, the GE chief executive. American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault met with the president, as well. It sounds like they’ve come up with some very innovative ideas for that jobs speech the president plans to give soon. From the National Journal’s Need to Know memo: “Much of the conversation, according to the White House, centered on proposals to increase the number of engineering students from universities and a plan to put construction workers back to work retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient.”

Update: This post originally incorrectly referred to Jeffrey Immelt as the “former” CEO of GE, when, in fact, he is still the CEO. The post has been corrected above.