Twitterverse couldn't take it when Katy Perry tweeted, "Pray for Israel"

Pop sensation Katy Perry thought she sent a positive vibe out into the universe when she tweeted her support to a fan who asked her to pray for Israel — but she got very little positive back. Or, to put it another way, she prayed for Israel and nobody liked it.

User @luvmikapenniman tweeted at Perry asking her to “please pray with us” and accompanied the request with the hashtag #prayforisrael. Perry responded affirmatively:

Quickly, angry Palestinian supporters attacked Perry for her offering. Here’s a sample:

The tweets were none-too-tactful nor very compelling in their construction. “Does she look like the kind of girl who prays?” one respondent asked. Another called Perry, “You heartless lesbian.” One user said he hopes Perry’s private jet crash lands in (non-existent) Palestine so the Palestinians can “stomp her” like the “whore” she is.

Wow. Talk about vitriol. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, Perry attempted to placate the masses with a follow-up tweet:

Seems like one of Perry’s first hits describes her well. She’s hot, then she’s cold, she’s yes, then she’s no, she’s in, then she’s out. (Now I can’t get it out of my head!)

But as The Blaze’s Billy Halloway comments, Perry might want to think through her views a little more deeply — and critics of her seeming spinelessness might want to remember the leftist milieu in which she works and consider even her neutrality a surprisingly thoughtful position:

So, in the end Perry doesn’t “support any side of violence in any place for any reason.” But, what about “violence” that occurs when a nation is defending itself? Certainly, most reasonable people stand against violent actions, but many would contend that there are times during which forceful defense is a necessary evil.

Some, though, may be counting their blessings. Considering Hollywood’s leftist tilt, it‘s a wonder she’s not an unabashed supporter of the Palestinians. Perry was raised in a conservative Christian home, which may explain her less liberal inclinations on the Middle Eastern conflict.

Even after she walked back her original sentence, though, the haters kept on hatin’. Michelle Malkin has more of the tweets collected here. And Katy Perry was having such a great week, too, what with tying Michael Jackson’s record of scoring five No. 1 Billboard hits off a single album and all …