Levin: Palin will run for president

The speculation about who might yet grow the 2012 Republican presidential field continues and radio host Mark Levin yesterday laid down his marker with a firm prediction that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will, in fact, run for president. The Daily Caller has more:

Although conservative talker Mark Levin says he has no insider knowledge of Sarah Palin’s 2012 presidential aspirations, he claimed at the top of his Thursday radio show he believes that the former Alaska Governor will be a candidate. …

“Look, I could be dead wrong,” Levin said. “I have no inside information. But I want to underscore what I’ve been saying, which is I believe Sarah Palin will run for president. Just want to put my marker down because others are starting to do it and I put it down quite some time ago.”

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what the final crop of candidates will look like, but Levin is not alone in his speculation. Karl Rove recently suggested the same and Palin herself, of course, said Thursday on Fox News that she is still open to a run. And as Ed has explained, Palin is the most plausible possibility among the several that have lately been bandied about — in that she has maintained her national following and would be able to organize and fundraise quickly. My hunch has always been that she won’t — but, unlike Levin who has actually interviewed the governor, the closest I’ve ever come to an actual conversation with Palin is a 45-minute wild goose chase at the Iowa State Fair.