Over PETA pouting, celebrate National Hot Dog Month

Full disclosure: I actually don’t like hot dogs. But I very adamantly approve of the all-American tradition of grilling out on summer nights and, so, find it highly appropriate that July just happens to be National Hot Dog Month. Some folks, however, have a problem with that (bet you can guess who!).

Wearing only strategically-placed lettuce leaves, PETA’s Lettuce Ladies handed out free veggie chili dogs to celebrate National Veggie Dog Day.

The girls stood under a sign that read  “Go Green-Go Veg” in response to National Hot Dog Month.

According to PETA, meat not only causes life-threatening health conditions and animal suffering, but also greenhouse-gas emissions, water pollution and land degradation.

The Capitol Hill veggie-dog-hand-out prompted UPI.com to compile a slide show of the most outrageous PETA protests of the past — and it turns out quite a few of them involve pretty bare bodies. Makes you wonder how many PETA followers buy into the animal-rights gig and how many just buy into their own animal instincts.

That’s it, really — that’s what’s always bothered me about PETA. Human beings should be responsible stewards of the earth, should treat animals ethically. But the distinction between humans and animals should also be preserved — and all too often PETA seems to act as though no difference exists at all or even to prioritize animals over people. After all, a dog doesn’t even know it’s a dog. The veggie dogs, if voluntarily consumed, I’m actually OK with — probably a lot healthier, too, to judge by the Lettuce Ladies, who, I have to admit, looked a whole lot better than Lady Gaga in her meat dress.