Video: Tour Glenn Beck's new digs

You might have been able to guess it or have read it somewhere else yesterday, but Glenn Beck is officially moving to Dallas, Tex., where, he says, he’s going to “create jobs with people who know how to create jobs.” Here, via Gawker, the video tour of his new house:

Beck plans to build a film and television center as well as a radio center in Dallas. He’ll also be busy with GBTV, of course. Of his decision to move, he had this to say:

The thing I wanted to tell you is we are changing our life because I actually believe in the things that I tell you every day. And we’ve started GBTV which is already more wildly successful than we had imagined that we would be. It’s not even on the air yet and it’s already successful.

Stand together with GBTV and we’ll try to work together and change the country, based in Texas.

As somebody from cowboy country myself (I know, I know, you Texans think Oklahoma is nothing like Texas, but I think the states have a few similarities), I’m pretty excited for Beck to experience the low cost of living, lack of winter and pull-yourself-up-by-your-actual-cowboy-boot-straps work ethic that characterize the area.