New Hampshire lawmakers pass abortion parental notification bill over veto

How hopeful is this? The New Hampshire legislature yesterday overrode Gov. John Lynch’s veto of a bill that requires abortionists to notify parents of minors 48 hours before conducting the procedure, The New York Times reports:

The House overrode the veto by a 266-102 vote; the Senate vote was 17-7. “Granite Staters believe in more parental involvement, not less,” the House speaker, William O’Brien, said in a statement.

Seems to me stakeholder “notification,” whether in personal, financial or political matters, is pretty commonly recognized as both polite and important. And don’t parents have a high stake in the health and well-being of their children (not to mention their grandchildren)? Obviously, 266 New Hampshire house members and 17 state senators think so. The legislatures of thirty-six other states thought so, too: New Hampshire becomes the 37th state to enact such a law.

I’m always impressed when a legislature overrides a veto. It reflects such widespread conviction. And, in this case, I’m especially excited because, as I just learned when I was in the state for the GOP debate, the New Hampshire legislature is the fourth-largest English-speaking legislative body in the world, after the British Parliament, the Parliament of India and the U.S. Congress. Supermajorities in such a legislature suggest the state pretty solidly supports parental notification, too.